COVID Runs Amok in 3 Detroit-Area Jails, Killing At Least 2 Doctors

When Diana Trueblood visited the Wayne County Jail’s medical unit in Detroit in early March, she encountered a gentle and kind physician, Dr. Angelo Patsalis.

Halfway through her incarceration for a probation violation, Trueblood remembered sitting “knee to knee” with Patsalis, who pulled down his face mask to speak to her about a tuberculosis skin test. She and other inmates were not provided with face masks, she said, and they pulled up their T-shirts to shield their mouths.

“He was blunt, but he was concerned about my health,” Trueblood said. In jail, usually, “they just don’t care.”

Trueblood and other inmates knew something serious was going on. Cramped in their cluttered cells, they tried to watch the news about the pandemic on “a little TV way up high,” she said. “But you could barely hear it … and we could just see their lips move. Most of what we found

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