Hard Gainers always aspire to have a great body, excellent physique and other features to attract the females. In the process they leave no stone unturned and keep on reading about health and body building, fitness magazines, and more, but never really find what they’re looking for. They follow the advice of all and work the best they can but without progress or results. This is because most of the bodybuilding workout routines are not designed for skinny people. Here is one routine I’ve come up with, appropriately named the Skinny Guy Workout Routine.


The following is the best Skinny Guy Workout Routine. This includes less workouts in favor of a few big ones, free weight compound exercises, lifting heavy with low repetitions, mixing it up with different periods and incorporating pulses.

One advantage that skinny guys have is that even a little increase in muscle mass makes them look great and impressive. If one is doing workouts 6 days a week, then he’s probably working very hard, and he doesn’t need to. In fact, this may be hurting him.. In this way one is not allowing his body to have sufficient time to rest and fully recover. One should always keep in mind that muscles are built during the rest time and not when one is working over night in the gym.

3 full body workouts are sufficient for effective muscle growth. This also helps avoid the possibility of overtraining.
One should avoid machines and instead use free weights in the body building workout routines. The free weight compound exercises have a greater range of motion and they recruit several smaller muscles. This helps with general better and stronger muscular movements. One should engage themselves in squats, bench press and dead lifts.

With the help of compound weights one can lift heavy with low reps. One should do 6-8 reps at the highest weight they can. The trainee should change the exercises and workouts periodically to make the body adaptable to unforeseen changes. Thus by sticking to the controlled workouts skinny guys can gain weight considerably in the days to come.

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