Yerba mate and its health-promoting properties

Mother nature gives us a lot of opportunities to benefit from her wealth so that we were able to provide our organisms with everything they need. Yerba mate is the best example – these delicious infusions are full of vitamins and other important ingredients that are really worth including in your daily diet. Today we will tell you more about them!

Yerba mate – where does it come from?

Yerba mate is a beverage with a centuries-long history and brewing tradition. It is said that the advantages of drinking it has first been appreciated by the Guarani Indians who had lived in the territory of present Paraguay. The conquest period was a real milestone when it comes to the popularization of yerba mate in the world. At that time the Jesuits who were Christianizing local people contributed to creating the first plantations of yerba mate. Afterwards, they brought it to Europe.  

Yerba mate is made of leaves and twigs of Ilex paraguariensis – trees that can reach the height up to 10 m. These plants, however, need special conditions such as height above sea level or temperature, so that they can develop properly. That is why yerba mate can be grown only in some countries of South America such as Paraguay, Brazil or Argentina. These countries are also the leaders of global import and export of yerba mate.  

Yerba mate – influence on the organism

Yerba mate infusions are a really great source of vitamins and minerals that are crucial when it comes to proper function of the organism. That is why it is worth drinking it at increased danger of infection. Yerba mate is rich in B group vitamins and vitamins C and E. These infusions help provide the organism with many essential elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese. It is worth mentioning that yerba mate can also contain different functional ingredients. Thanks to them it gains new flavour and fragrance notes and new properties. For example, herbal yerba mate with mint or cistus can have positive influence on digestive system and support the weight loss process.

Yerba mate is also a rich source of caffeine which is the reason why it is often being compared to coffee. It has strong energizing properties but in contrast to coffee it does not cause mineral leaching process. Another great option is also energizing yerba mate energia with guarana – such a beverage will provide you with energy for a long time and will surely be useful to everyone who is searching for an alternative to coffee.

Where to buy yerba mate?

Yerba mate is more and more popular in Europe. If you haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to do it! How to drink yerba mate? It is worth knowing that preparing of yerba mate requires a special vessel called a gourd and a bombilla – a straw with a special filter. Yerba mate should be poured with water at 70-80°C – too high temperature can change the taste of infusions into very bitter. If you want to purchase high-quality accessories to yerba mate shop online at It is the best place for this kind of shopping!