2 Events – Don’t Miss Out!

I wanted to make sure you knew about 2 events I’m hosting this month!

First – as a collaboration with Hirsch Wellness, I’m hosting another Wellness Wednesday! These offer you ideas on how to enhance your overall health and wellness, to complement your nutrition strategy. April’s speakers will discuss EFT tapping (helps with relaxation) and basic drawing (can’t do it wrong!).

Second – my next Nutrition Webinar will be on Thursday, April 21st at 8pm. We will do a discussion about the food supply, whether it’s safe, what to look out for and who to trust for information!

Register for one or both of these HERE!

Here are details with more info:

Wellness Wednesday – April 6th 3-4:30 ET

Wellness Wednesday is an online art wellness sampler brought to you in partnership with Hirsch Wellness Network. This art sampler is designed to support the emotional and physical needs of cancer survivors, patients in treatment, and caregivers.

Topics: Drawing with Alex Gaal & EFT Tapping with Bev Vaughn.

Nutrition Webinar – Thursday, April 21st 8pm ET

A free nutrition webinar that discusses the safety of the US Food Supply. Some of the topics will include:

  • Microplastics
  • Food additives and preservatives
  • Hormones in Food
  • Antibiotics in Animal Products
  • Genetically Modified Food
  • Heavy metals in fish
  • Artificial Sugars

Join me for this important discussion!

Hope to see you soon!


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