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Dr. Ann Shippy is a powerhouse on a really vital mission to help people today throughout the environment dwell their healthiest life employing cutting-edge science, seriously specific research, and genetic information and facts to handle the root causes of condition. She remaining engineering to show up at the University of Texas health care college and is now board-accredited in internal drugs and a accredited functional medication physician with a practice in Austin, Texas. If you are living there, I simply cannot recommend her extremely more than enough.
When there are so quite a few subjects I would really like to converse to Dr. Ann about, currently we’re focusing on her private story that obtained her into medicine in the initially location. Ann seen a sizeable drop in health and fitness in spite of a healthier life style, and soon after a great deal demo and tribulation traced it back again to mold in her household. Now that she’s improved, we go genuinely deep into her challenging-won skills on mould publicity, mycotoxins, and what you can do if you suspect mold difficulties in your property.
Episode Highlights With Ann Shippy

How Ann found mold illness was crippling her wellness
Which mold assessments get the job done, which checks do not, and how to interpret the final results
The kinds of mold (stachybotrys, chaetomium, wallemia, ochratoxin, penicillium, etc.) and why they are not all the exact
Resources of mycotoxins, what they are, and how they can hurt DNA
The variance in between mildew and mildew
How to select a very good mould inspector
Why a musty odor is not the only indicator of mold
Special safety measures to take all-around young children or the elderly
Suspect spots in your dwelling or lodge where by mold may possibly be escalating
Ann’s take on fasting, perspiring, dietary supplements, and other pure ways to support the body’s all-natural cleansing
And far more!

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