Nicotine Levels Explained: What mg % Is Right For Me


The world has finally recognized the harmful chemicals and ingredients found in cigarettes. This is why most people are moving towards smoking vapes as an alternative to cigarettes. However, the transition is not always easy. The nicotine strength found in vapes is much different from that in cigarettes because e-liquid flavors are mixed in with the former’s nicotine. 

Therefore, finding the right nicotine concentration can be difficult. In this guide, we will be providing you with all the information you need to decide what mg is suitable for you and whether nic salts UK would be a better fit for you or regular nicotine. 

Which Nicotine Concentration is Right For Me?

In order to decide what mg % is right for you, there are three main factors you will need to take into consideration. 

  1. The Difference in Absorption Between Vaping and Smoking

Getting the right nicotine strength can be complicated because it’s not the same in smoking or vaping. They tend to vary depending on what you are using because of the nicotine absorption levels. For instance, when you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine gets instantly absorbed in your body. However, this is not the case when vaping because absorption typically takes much longer. So you don’t get the same kick instantly as you would with a cigarette. 

Not only that, but due to the absence of the efficiency-boosting chemicals found in cigarettes, the nicotine from vapes does not instantly enter your bloodstream. The e-liquid flavors and juices contain many other ingredients, but not these chemicals, making vaping and smoking quite different in terms of absorption. 

  1. What Vaping Device You Use 

The most common vaping devices that most people use are the sub-ohm devices that come in high wattage. This means that they allow a direct to lung vapor action, which most people prefer because it gives more nicotine than low wattage devices that only allow the mouth to lung vapor action.

Since these devices provide more nicotine, you can opt for a lower nicotine concentration in your e-liquid flavors. Going higher than 12mg is not recommended on these devices because the e-liquid juice can be too harsh on the throat and have other negative implications. 

  1. Your Smoking Usage 

Now, we come to the most important factor to consider when deciding the right mg % for you, and that is your smoking usage and patterns. This will be a significant contributor in determining nicotine strength. Here’s a general guideline that people follow to determine their nicotine concentration:

For those who want to quit nicotine completely: 0mg/ 0%

Light smokers who smoke less than a pack in a day: 3mg/ 0.3%

Moderate smokers who smoke half a pack in a day: 6mg/ 0.6%

Heavy smokers who smoke a pack or more in a day: 12mg/ 1.2%

Most of the time, nicotine strengths are listed down as mg, which is milligram per millilitre. This means that for every millilitre of e-liquid juice in the vape, there is a specified amount of nicotine as well in it. For example, if a vape has a nicotine concentration of 3mg and the juice itself is 5ml in the vape tank, then the nicotine level will be: 3mg x 5ml= 15mg of nicotine.

The similar applies to percentages, but they are much easier to understand. These specify precisely how much of the percentage of nicotine is found in an entire vape tank. For example, if there is 0.6% of nicotine in a tank, then the rest of the 99.4% would be the other ingredients and e-liquid flavor. 

It is important to remember that these guidelines may vary depending on person to person. For example, some moderate smokers might prefer a heavier nicotine intake and would prefer a concentration of 12mg. This is because some cigarettes have a different composition, so their nicotine concentration could vary, and because of the e-liquid flavors, which might diffuse the strength of the nicotine.

Nic Salts or Regular Nicotine?

If you’re an avid smoker who is not satisfied with the 12mg concentration of nicotine in their vapes, perhaps opting for nic salts UK might be a better option for you. Vaping manufacturers have discontinued producing 18mg and 24mg nicotine concentrations, so the best thing is these salts. 

Nicotine salts are found in low wattage devices and offer nicotine strengths as high as 50mg. Due to their low wattage, these have a smoother hit on the throat, making the high concentration palatable. First-time vapers are also recommended nic salts UK because they make the transition from smoking to vaping easier, especially if you had been a heavy smoker.  

Final Words

By using the above-mentioned guidelines, you are likely to find the perfect amount of mg or % of nicotine you need. Of course, with experimentation, you would get a better answer, especially if you are switching to vaping. In this guide, you can make an estimation of what concentration you require.

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