Newsom’s Ambitious Health Care Agenda Crumbles In A ‘Radically Changed’ World

This was supposed to be a big health care year for California.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in January unveiled ambitious proposals to help him achieve his goal of getting every Californian health care coverage. Though it was far less than the single-payer promise Newsom had made on the gubernatorial campaign trail, his plans, if adopted, would have expanded the health care system as no other state has.

His $47 billion health care agenda, fueled by a once-booming economy and pressure from legislative Democrats, sought to expand the pool of undocumented immigrants covered by Medicaid, enable California to manufacture its own generic drugs, pour billions into the Medicaid program to address chronic homelessness and dramatically increase mental health and addiction treatment statewide.

Then, the novel coronavirus swept in, decimating those ambitions.

“The world has radically changed,” Newsom said this month,

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