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The news this week did seem dominated a bit by President Donald Trump. And most of it was trivial: Do we believe he is really taking hydroxychloroquine? (Who knows?) How obese is he? (Not as obese as Nancy Pelosi said he was.) Would he wear a mask at the Ford plant he was touring? (He did when he wasn’t in public view.)

It should not go unnoticed that Jacinda Ardern, who has led New Zealand through the coronavirus pandemic with but a few deaths (21, per the tally by Johns Hopkins University researchers), is that country’s most popular prime minister in 100 years.

I’m Damon Darlin, your guest writer for this edition of the Friday Breeze. We will have a rotating cast of writers for a few weeks to give you a breezy rundown of the week’s health care news.

You know, there were other things happening

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Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes

Hello! It’s Friday again and when looking back on the stories from the week I can’t believe some of them happened only days ago — anyone else feel as if we’re living full years in a single day? But I’ll do my best to sum up some of the top news from you.

First, though … if you are having strangely vivid dreams about bugs or lethal injections or tidal waves, you are not alone! A side effect of this pandemic for a lot of people seems to be vivid nightmares. One reason? We’re actually getting more sleep now that we’re not go, go, going. (At least that’s what experts guess.)

At the beginning of the week, there were dire warnings that it was going to be a tough one. The surgeon general went so far as to compare it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. The warnings have played

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