Tips for Replacing Wooden Garage Doors

Having a wooden garage door will make your home look stylish and beautiful, but garage doors tend to get worn out when they have been around for a couple of years. Because of this, you should think of replacing them after several years, when they start looking less attractive.

This is especially the case with wooden garage doors. They can get destroyed by a lot of humidity, which makes the wood expand, or they can start rotting on the inside. It may also crack in extreme heat, or become warped by temperature fluctuations. If you notice these types of problems, it is time to think about replacing the garage doors.

Before you run out to buy a new one, you should make sure of a few things. It would be best if you got proper measurements first of all. You can use a simple measuring tape and measure yourself if you aren’t sure of the correct size.

Installing Different Door Type

You may also want to consider getting a different type of garage door. Although wood is beautiful when it is new, it might be too much work for you to keep well maintained. Unlike steel garage doors, wood needs to be repainted from time to time, and it gets damaged more easily than steel.

Once you have ordered the new garage doors, you can think about how you will take the old ones down. A1 Garage Door Service in Leawood offers garage repair services and installations; they will do this for you when installing a new garage door. If you want to do it yourself, you should make sure that you have some helping hands as it can get pretty heavy and is pretty much impossible to do on your own.

Once the door has been installed, you need to regularly check the hinges and other moving parts for rust and oil. Make sure the moving parts do not gather dust or dirt, as this will cause the door to get stuck.

To remove the garage port door, you must open it completely. You can put a clamp or something on the tracks to keep it in place; otherwise, it will slide down while you are working on it. Then you can take the springs off, and also the pulleys. Just remove them and then lower the garage door slowly. So you can slide it out. You may as well remove the old tracks because the new one garage doorway will come with its trails, which are probably more compatible with the new door anyway.