Treating urinary incontinence in men | Podcast


For some guys, urinary incontinence can be hard to discuss about. No matter whether you’re working with leakage or a consistent urge to go to the bathroom, it may well feel embarrassing to admit that you never have as a great deal handle above your overall body as you’d like. But urinary incontinence is not one thing that guys just have to place up with.

When we experienced bodily therapists Nelson Coffey and Deborah Cuper on the For Health’s Sake podcast to communicate about this topic, Deborah manufactured a level of stating that 99% of her patients who get treatment method see their signs or symptoms increase, normally extra than they anticipated.

But procedure was only just one section of our dialogue with Nelson and Deborah. They shared a ton of valuable insights and information about male urinary incontinence, which includes:

  • What results in incontinence in gentlemen
  • How a doctor diagnoses incontinence
  • What to know about prostate surgical treatment and incontinence
  • Therapy options for male urinary incontinence

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No subject the result in or kind of urinary incontinence you’re encountering, treatment can help you do the issues you adore without the strain or interruptions that incontinence causes.

“Part of what we do is aid males live with it in a sleek way,” Nelson reported. “There’s always hope. There are several, several paths and strategies you can check out.”

The first action in getting incontinence below management is to communicate to your major care doctor. They can support establish what could be triggering your indicators, operate with you to generate a personalised procedure system, and refer you to a physical therapist or pelvic wellbeing expert if essential.


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