10 Random Things I’m Loving Right Now: Fall 2022 Edition

10 Random Things I’m Loving Right Now: Fall 2022 Edition

With sales on sales kicking off and the holidays around the corner, there’s a lot of STUFF coming at us these days. Whew, ‘tis the season, right? While I don’t want to add to any consumer noise orrr overwhelm (ever), I always get questions in my inbox & DMs about: my favorite beauty supplies, wellness products, clothing/jewelry of the moment, etc.

And I’ve found it’s the easiest (and most fun!) to round them up all in one place every once in a while. Enter: our fall edition of the 10 random things I’m loving lately.

As always, if you’re not in a place to spend or don’t *need* anything right now, I completely and totally respect that and hope you honor what’s best for YOU! And, know that none of these items are essentials— more so, very-nice-to-haves (aka, my current obsessions) if you’re looking for ways to boost your wellness, beauty or other personal products and health rituals!

These are the items & products I swear by lately (and, yes, they would also make GREAT holiday gifts if you’re holiday shopping for loved ones early this year)!

10 random things I’m loving right now:

  1. Air-dry wrap curler: I was sooo doubtful. How would this thing even work?! But, I do love the way this dries my hair. Pros: there’s no heat on your hair & the curls come out great. Cons: looks ridiculous when you put it on. But it’s so great in some life stages (aka, mine right now) and only costs $13 (as opposed to some popular hair styling tools that are $600+). I wash my hair once a week (at night, usually), let it partially air dry and then brush out my hair again, part it and wrap my hair (tightly) into this curler. Tiny hack: If you’re in a rush, I’ll just blow dry my hair in the wrap curls and then pull them out. So easy and you’re eliminating the curling wand step. 
  2. J.Hannah (7-free) nail polish: The colors “compost,” “carob,” “hepsworth” and “ghost ranch” are my favs right now, so fall! It’s such a quick way to boost your mood, and make you feel more pulled together. I use with Mineral Fusion acetone-free nail polish remover. And if I’m on a rare-going-to-a-nail-salon outing these days, I bring both with me. 

  1. Beekeeper’s Natural propolis spray & kids spray: And the kids & adults cough syrups! So amazing to have on hand for the fall & winter seasons, all without the junk and chemicals. And they actually work! You can save 20% on your order with code ‘SIMPLYREALHEALTH’ at checkout!
  2. Tea storage box: This saves so much space, fits so many more tea bags than keeping the boxes and I love the experience of flipping it open to choose based on my mood & feel. It feels like you’re at a spa? 
  3. Sun Chlolerra tablets: I put these on my breakfast smoothie bowls to help with digestion, energy, clearer whites of your eyes, immunity and apparently it helps grey hair turn back to its original color?! I’m not sure I believe that, but hey, why not give it a go anyway with all those other perks? Watch me make my everyday breakfast these days here!

  1. CHANI app: Meditations and a tailored-to-you weekly astrology reading. It’s a paid app, $14/month, and I think one of the best things I pay for. I’ve always loved her weekly private astrology reading in the app that’s tailored for your exact sign (it explains so much of the energy going on around you, and brings me so much peace to trust in the process). But lately I’m just loving her meditations on this app, too. Her voice is so soothing, and the medis are approximately 10 min each, categorized by the feeling/mood you want to feel at the end. I’ve also been loving the Melissa Wood Health meditations for those asking— I mainly use her app for pilates but the medis are great & included, too. 

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  1. The Fall home line: Mainly the warm citrus spice essential oil drops and the room spray! OMG, so hilariously Noah is obsessed with the fall spray right now. I’ve been keeping it in our powder room and he requests it after his daily bathroom visit. “Maaaaama, I need the good smelling spray.” Lol. ditto for their “everything spray” on his face in the morning as I quickly get ready. As usual, save 10% on your order using code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at checkout!
  2. Made by Mary necklaces & earrings: Our Q+A day on IG got taken over by questions about these beautiful pieces of jewelry (made by another small woman-run business). Daily I’ve been wearing the (a gift from Mother’s Day with my babies’ initials on it), paired with (in gold). I never want to take them off b/c they go with everything. I also just got a chance to try their (in the medium and large size), and the and I freaking love them. Check out all of their beautiful pieces here.
  3. Clothing obsessions lately: — truly one of the most worn pieces in my closet, 3 years strong. Now they’re back in stock! — I’ve never been more excited. Bright and happy (and maybe more important, they have a little heel for the jeans these days). These jeans— feel like my favorite lululemon’s, and that’s saying a lot coming from me. that go with everything for fall. And this— on my body for everything these days at night. Runs a little big, so size down a size. 
  4. Red light wand for wrinkles & anti-aging: Ok, truth, I’ve had this tool for a few years, but fall and winter is my favorite time to bring it out. Right now, I’ve been loving doing my nightly oil cleansing on my face or in the shower, and then doing one of my fav serums. Then I climb into bed with my book and use the wand on my face (it beeps every 3 mins to alert you to move to a new part of your face). It’s a little time intensive but when I do it this way, I feel warm and cozy before bed, it’s so soothing, and if I’m reading, I don’t notice the time flying by. My skin looks *noticeably* refreshed the next morning when I do this, and I do notice fine lines look so much less noticeable. My goal is 3-4x/week this fall because, well, refreshed smoothed skin is always a yes for me. 


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