100 Healthy Habits That Will Change Our Life


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Healthy lifestyle changes affect not mere your longevity but more than that. The changes even big or small can have big effects on your wallet and the world around you. So if this much of gain is there the why you are waiting for making some key changes in your life and health care that make you feel better, richer and more environmental friendly. Let us discuss some ideas that will help you to get started on developing some beneficial good and healthy habits.


These habits are important to keep your overall health better and have some other great benefits as well.

  1. Get enough sleep. Lack of proper sleep is not good for your life, shortfall of anticipation, make you eccentric, difficult to concentrate and even put on weight, so make sure to get enough sleep every night to help you wake up feeling refreshed.
  2. Keep your teeth clean and faultless. Some people may not realize oral health can play an important role in life expectancy. It is a fact that regular brushing and flossing can add up to six years to your life, keeping you healthier.
  3. Wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin help to prevent potentially conditions like cancer and also help keep you looking younger.
  4. Stop smoking. Smoking not only hurts your health but also devastate your money.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight will help you to become overall healthy and energetic.
  6. Get regular medical exams. Taking regular medical checkups will help you to prevent many diseases from going worsen.
  7. Put yourself first. – It will be beneficial if you spare some time for yourself each day. This will help you to recognize yourself and get relaxed.
  8. Keep it in moderation. Spend moderately in cocktails and expensive gadgets.
  9. Don’t ignore symptoms. Sudden weight loss, shortness of breath, headaches that are not going and fever are just some of the symptoms that you should never ignore.
  10. Go outside. Taking a nature walk for a little bit each day can make you feel better. While walking, enjoy the fresh air, connect with nature and enjoy the simple pleasure of getting outside.
  11. Take vitamins- Taking Vitamins will be a small investment in your health, as they can help prevent problems like osteoporosis that can affect you as you age.
  12. Encourage healthy lifestyles in others. Encourage your spouse, family members and children to follow healthy habits and get moving along with you. It will help your family as well as to stay with your healthy habits as well.
  13. Find a passion. Identify your passion in life, whether they’re in playing a sport, caring for your family, following a career or making the world a better place, will help keep you healthy and active long into old age.
  14. Get physical.Daily exercising or jogging with your spouse, getting your body moving is one of the best ways to stay healthy and one that benefits your mental and physical well-being. 


It is very important to care for your mental health as well, let us check some healthy habits

  1. Take time to relax. Stress will be a big hurdle on the health of anyone, both mentally and physically. Take time out of your life to relax and repose whether it’s by taking a long walk or enjoying music doing meditating etc.
  2. Laugh about it. If unexpected things happen in life. Learning to laugh about them, and don’t take everything as serious it is an obstacle for staying healthy and develop stress also drags you down.
  3. Get help. Not to be alone in your tough times. If you’re feeling depressed be with your friends and loved ones.
  4. Find new interests. Charge your brain by developing new knowledge and interests. You can find a new passion or a new company of friends.
  5. Get involved. Be active and interactive by involving in the community.
  6. Build your self-esteem. Being healthy and in shape make you feel good about yourself. Spare time for enjoying a hobby, playing a sport or any other activity that you love.
  7. Embrace the spiritual. Doesn’t mean to be a part of any organized religion. Instead of raking quiet time to meditate or pray can help you relax, focus and identify what’s important in your life, leading to a happier, healthier you.
  8. Work out your brain. As the brain doesn’t have any muscles doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be working it out. Make sure that your brain stays healthy and that will help you to stay active, happy and sharp into old age.
  9. Look on the bright side. Studies say that people with optimism can actually live longer and healthier lives so try to see the silver lining.
  10. Find friends with common interests. Being in a close group of friends who share your values is very important to maintaining mental health and will likely make certain that you’re happier no matter your age.
  11. time with those you love. Connections with others are key to stay balanced and happy. Spending time with a loved one elevate better health, shared interests and as a bonus doesn’t cost you anything.

At Work

If you feel that you are drained of your work. Follow these suggestions:-

  1. Find a different mode of transport. Try to ride with some co-workers rather than using your vehicle, here you’ll be helping the environment and getting the benefits of mingling with others.
  2. Bring lunch. Carry t
    he lunch pack to your work, it will help you to have healthy food and also save your money.
  3. Allow yourself breaks.  Ensure to take a few short breaks throughout the day to relax, stretch your legs and take your mind off stressful matters.
  4. Take the stairs. Using the stairs instead of lifts is a great way to burn some extra calories.
  5. Reduce your stress. In your personal life, jobs will be more stressful. Do your best to reduce the stress of your job by handling whatever you can and not let the work to dominate your life.
  6. Connect with co-workers. Get connected with your co-workers, it will help you to be relaxed and comfortable. So make an effort to get to know the others working around you.
  7. Get comfort. Don’t allow your workplace to be a difficult place to be. Instead, work on improving the efficiency of your working environment a stretching out when you can.
  8. Bring your own. Carrying whatever necessary for you along with you it will be beneficial for your health and can save money. Plus you won’t be creating extra waste with disposable cups.
  9. Take your vacation. You may not think getting away from work will help you get more done but it just might. Studies have shown that taking a break from work, even if you don’t go anywhere, can help you reduce stress and be more productive when you’re back on the job.
  10. Keep clean. Keep your workplace clean and tidy. Try to sanitize and also keeping your hands washed and your desk clean can help prevent illnesses that might be floating around.
  11. Get up, get moving. Sitting in one place all day isn’t good for your body, and likely isn’t doing much for your mind either.
  12. Don’t take on too much. It’s easy to let work pile up and to take on more than is possible for you to finish. Learn how to say no and when enough is enough to fight stress at work.
  13. Stay away from sick co-workers. Colds can move around the office with lightning speed. If you know a co-worker is sick, try to avoid contact with them as much as possible and keep anti-bacterial agents on hand to help prevent getting sick.
  14. Do what you love. There is no reason a job should have to be a horrible trial every day. If you do what you’re passionate about it can be a labour of love. Not in a job you enjoy now? Start doing small things to make your dream happen.
  15. Make a change. If you’re unhappy at your job, decide to have some change that makes your mind happy

Around the House

Some simple things you can do around the house to boost your health.

  1. Make your cleaning supplies. Cleaning items buying from the stores can be of chemicals that are harmful to all. It’s better to make your cleaning supplies and that you can find so many recipes online and in books.
  2. Cook at home rather than going out. Eating at home will let you know what all things are going in the dish and also can save money.
  3. Find a great hobby. Having a hobby can help keep your mind in shape and help get you up off the couch and doing something productive.
  4. Turn off the TV. Many people spend several hours a day watching TV, being completely sedentary when they could be active. Turn off the TV for a few hours and take a walk, talk to a spouse or loved ones or read a book.
  5. Plant a garden. Planting a garden will get you moving physically and provide you with fresh veggies and herbs to eat, making it an all-around healthy endeavour.
  6. Do the house chores. Will make your house clean as well as a calorie-burning task.
  7. Hanging laundry on the line. Can make housework more active by hanging the laundry rather than throwing it to the drier. It will get a bit of exercise and also can save money.
  8. Shorten your showers. Taking shorter showers will help to cut your water bills and conserve water; it will also help keep your skin from drying out and help you look younger and healthier.
  9. Have first aid supplies. Make sure you keep a range of first aid and emergency supplies in your house. It will be helpful if any causality arises.
  10. Clean out the litter. Litter around the house will stress you out, clean your surroundings basement and closets can rid you of much of this litters and even can make you some money if you sell this garbage
  11. Make a compost stack. If you have the room in your backyard, start a compost stack. Use it for fertilizing veggies and other edible plants and can use as a composite for your plants.
  12. Be organized. Always try to be organized in each work this will help you to save your time and money as well as preventing waste and also reducing the stress level.
  13. Eat together. Eating meals with someone else can help you to slow down, enjoy what you’re eating and spend some time socializing and connecting with others. All things those are beneficial to your health.
  14. Properly store and dispose of materials. Most of us wouldn’t leave a can of gasoline stored in our bedrooms, but many other potentially harmful materials are often stored in places that can be just as dangerous. Learn how to properly store and dispose of the harmful materials around your home and think about replacing them with more eco-friendly options.
  15. Love what you have. The reality is that most of us don’t need all the things we already own and certainly would do just fine without all the things we want. Try to spend more time appreciating what you do have and less time wanting what you don’t.

Exercise and Fitness

An important key element for staying healthy is working out and getting fit. Let us talk about some ways to do it with fun, by saving money and even getting attached to nature.

  1. Walking-. 
    Walking in the open space even if a small area is a great idea to get some exercise and can also see what’s going on in your surroundings.
  2. Bike Riding.Riding a bike by watching the scenic beauty of nature is a good idea for being healthy &fun for the mind
  3. Spend some time for a sport. Most of the sports require only a little apparatus and all are a great way to get in shape and have fun while doing so. Even better, you’ll get to make some great social connections and feel good about your mental and physical health.
  4. Involving the kids. Rather than making fitness a lonely endeavour. Involve your children or spouse along and get the whole family fit and healthy.
  5. Do Some workouts while waiting – Try doing some yoga moves or stretch outs. If you spend a few minutes doing this will add up something beneficial over a couple of hours watching television.
  6. Play with your pets-. While playing with the pets they will get some attention and you will get some exercise, so actively engage in playing with your pet.
  7. Be Protective –If you are playing a sport or doing vigorous workouts, make sure that you’re wearing the right kind of equipment to protect you from injury.
  8. Traverse your neighbourhood.-Walking, rollerblade, bikes or by jogging, there might be so many things in your neighbourhood yet to be discovered
  9. Explode the beaten track.- Naturetrails will help you to get exercise and stay entertained all afternoon long as you see wildlife and great scenery.
  10. Use your own body. Rather than going to a gym to get in shape, use your own body to do many workouts and still obtain the benefits.
  11. Put up yourself- Starting from organizing recycling to planting trees, there are many volunteering opportunities that will fill your heart, get you moving and help the environment.
  12. Doing in a group- Doing workouts in the group will be more productive than doing alone.
  13. Following routine. – Exercise should be a part of the daily routine that can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The habit of working out will make you stop the urge to spend time idly.
  14. Try doing new things- So many things are there in the world that you don’t even tried out yet or even know about. It will be beneficial to try out new ways to stay fit and to learn new things.

Shopping and Finances

Money plays an important role in your personal life, whether you notice it or not. Let us see some implications for spending and saving money in a healthy way.

  1. Carry your bags- Usage of reusable bags are good for the environment and will make you buy less if you only have a few bags to use and also save money for buying a new one.
  2. Get rid of heavily packaged items. Not need to carry too many covers for a simple item. Try not to purchase items that are covered in plastic.
  3. Avoid processed foods. Processed foods are not healthy and tasty as of fresh ones. Try to reduce the usage of processed ones as possible.
  4. Don’t buy everything you saw- If something is there for sale it does not mean that you need to buy is. Don’t get fooled by sales and bargains that are encouraging you to buy more and to waste it.
  5. Try to buy organic items. Some foods you see you can buy the organic one, by that you will be taking in fewer chemicals and also helping out the environment.
  6. Read the labels. Check the labels of the foods to find whether they are healthy, is of the best value and not any harm for the environment.
  7. Planning meals ahead. If you plan your meals will help to save time, money and maintain a discipline in eating.
  8. Purchase locally. Better to purchase from local farmer’s market where you can find the locally grown foods. It will be fresher, healthier and even cheaper foods.
  9. Park away and walk-. Park away from your shopping area will give you an opportunity to walk.
  10. Try to live in your income- Spending should be according to your means it will make you less stressed.
  11. Try paying your bills on time- Paying bills on time will reduce your stress and also escape from paying surcharges.
  12. Try to buy less. Pare down some spending you’ll be favouring your wallet and the planet.
  13. Don’t buy bottled water. Instead of buying bottled water fill up a reusable bottle.
  14. Only buy what you need-. Plan a list of things to buy will help not to buy whatever you see in the shop. And thus can save money as well as avoid wastage.
  15. Look for used. Not everything you need has to come to you should be new. Try shopping online and other second-hand shops so you can save money and save old items from becoming waste.
  16. Be realistic. Save yourself a one-way ticket to stress by having realistic expectations about what you want. If you are always complaining about the things you have or you need that is not affordable you’ll always be stressed, unhappy and unhealthy.

Diet and Nutrition

These habits can help you get on the right track to eating a healthier more balanced diet.

  1. Eat lower on the food chain. Grains and vegetables better for the environment as well as healthy, they’re also cheaper and better for your diet. Make meats as a side dish rather than the main dish.
  2. Have Breakfast. Never skip breakfast as it will lead to lack of concentration and energy levelEating breakfast will improve your concentration, be able to maintain the weight, and get your daily needed vitamins and minerals. So enjoy a healthy, whole-grain breakfast and start the day.
  3. Having some fish- As it is a fact that fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, high in protein, and also is low in when compared to meat.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water will help you to maintain concentration and digestion of food. Try to drink water as many times as possible and better to carry a water bottle wherever you go.
  5. Switch to tea. Tea has some health benefits than coffee. Tea also is less expensive than coffee.
  6. Eat only needed portion- Many people will eat more portions than they need. Practice eating only portions as your needs it will help you to reduce the calorie as well as save some money.
  7. Consume a glass of wine. Red wine in a moderate way has some benefits for heart health. So drinking a small glass of wine with dinner will seem to be beneficial.
  8. Stop dieting- It is better not to take dieting as it will not help your health to get a sudden weight loss. Only Long term diet can help for proper weight loss and health.
  9. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. For proper digestion and relief from tiredness, it is better to have frequent small meals a day rather than having three heavy meals. Eating healthy meals and snacks in between will help to the desire for overeating and controls hunger.
  10. Have fresh foods-Try to eat fresh foods all the time; it will help you to get more nutrients than frozen or processed ones. So, eating fresh veggies and fruits will help to maintain your health and to stay energetic. Fresh ones are affordable also if you check the deals with the farmers or try it yourself as possible.
  11. Embrace variety-Eating a balanced diet is very much essential for staying healthy. Variety of food should be included in your day to day eating habit.
  12. Limit junk foods-Cut your junk foods will make you healthier. These foods are full of calories, may contain chemicals and also not nature friendly.
  13. Slow down- Eat slowly and take some time and enjoy your meal. It will be beneficial for your health and also will eat only as you need.
  14. Enjoy your meals- Enjoyyour meal will taste your flavours, also try new healthy foods, and overall will develop a healthy attitude about food.
  15. Always Eat Right- A stock of fatty snacks and unhealthy food in your house will pave the way to eat all these and gain the calories. Instead of that try to keep healthy snacks in your house, on your table or anywhere you are tempted to.


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