There are so many myths surrounding mouthguards, and in this article, we will discuss some of the most common. Knowing these myths will help you make a sound decision when it comes to purchasing one for yourself. Dental problems don’t stop when the office closes. SportingSmiles is here to help with our teeth retainers and nightguards that take dental care into your own hands. lets find out whats is the top myths about mouthguards

  • They Can Prevent Concussions

Probably the most common myth about mouthguards. A lot of people believe that mouthguards can prevent concussion, but that is not true. No credible research has shown the capability of mouthguards in preventing concussions.

They can’t prevent because concussions affect the brain and mouthguards covers the head. They don’t affect the movement of the brain and fluids within your skull. However, they are still highly recommended during sports as they can help reduce the severity of head injuries.

  • The More Expensive a Mouthguard is, the Better It Is

The truth is you can find quality mouthguards for a low price or buy a low-quality mouthguard for a high price. Do some research before buying a mouthguard and that way you can find yourself a quality mouthpiece. You can buy affordable sports mouth guards in Chino here.

  • A Custom-fit Mouthguard Offers More Protection than a Boil and Bite

There is no evidence that shows that custom-fit mouthguards are better than simple boil and bite mouthguards. However, custom-fit mouthguards are much more comfortable. It is no wonder most people think that they are better than the others.

  • All NHL Players Have to Wear Mouthguards

Maybe your dream is to become an NHL player, but when you imagine that you have to wear mouthguards, you get bored. Well, it turns out the decision to wear mouthguards is entirely on players. However, it is important to wear them since they can help prevent injuries.

  • Mouthguards are Not All That Important

Since when information came out that mouthguards don’t prevent concussions, some people dismissed them as not important. That’s not the case, though, the chances of getting injured reduces by almost 60% when wearing a mouthguard. Statistics show that mouthguard prevents more than 200, 000 mouth and teeth injuries in the US.

  • You Cannot Play Contact Sports without a Mouthguard

A lot of people tend to think that they cannot participate in contact sports without mouthguards. However, that’s not the case. The only sport where they are mandatory is boxing. As for the other games such as soccer, football, volleyball, and others you can play without. In the US, mouthguards are highly recommended in football and hockey.

  • Mouthguards Can’t Prevent Dental Trauma

That’s not true. A fitting mouthguard can help prevent injuries to the jaw and teeth. However, it does not mean you cannot be injured while wearing a mouthguard. You still need to be careful while playing to avoid injuries.

  • The Bigger the Mouthguard the Better

A mouthguard needs to be well-fitting for it to work as it is supposed to. If you buy a bigger mouthguard that doesn’t fit thinking it is better will only do you more harm than good. It will be uncomfortable, and it can even affect the performance of your game.

  • Mouthguards Can Improve Performance

Some people think that if they wear a mouthguard, it will improve their performances but that is not true at all. The work of a mouthguard is to prevent your jaw and teeth from injuries, and this has nothing to do with your performance. It can only affect your performance negatively if you are finding it difficult to breathe in it or if it is uncomfortable.

  • All Mouthguards are the same

There is a big difference between the mouthguards. Each kind of mouthguard offers a different level of protection. Talk to your dentist, and he will help you choose the best one for you.

  • Mouthguards Must Be Removed Between Rounds

Mouthguards have been around for many years, and the process of removing them between rounds began during the early days of boxing. Those mouthguards were not all that developed, and they were a bit uncomfortable.

Nowadays, mouthguards are super comfortable, so there is no need to remove them between rounds. However, trainers still remove them after every round but not because they are uncomfortable, but because it is like a tradition.

  • Anyone with Some Training of Dental Lab Technology Can Make Mouthguards

There is a difference between knowing how to make mouthguards and knowing how to fit them properly. You need to find an experienced professional if you want to find a mouthguard that is comfortable.

  • You Don’t Have To Clean Your Mouthguard Everyday

Some people don’t see the need to clean their mouthguards every day, but that is a mistake. Dry saliva left on the mouthguard encourages the formation of bacteria which puts your dental health at risk.

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