Year: 2020

Maryland County Pledges Investigation of Health Worker’s Coronavirus Death

Officials in Maryland’s Prince George’s County say they “will spare no time or expense” investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a veteran public health worker who died of COVID-19 after relatives and co-workers believe she contracted the coronavirus on the job.

The probe follows a story by KHN and the Associated Press two weeks ago focusing on the worker, Chantee Mack, a 44-year-old disease intervention specialist at the Prince George’s County Health Department who union officials said was among at least 20 department employees infected by the coronavirus. The outbreak underscores the stark dangers facing the nation’s front-line public health army, the subject of an ongoing series by KHN and the AP, “Underfunded and Under Threat.”

Mack’s co-worker Rhonda Wallace, leader of a local branch of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, said she and others from the union met with two county council members

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When Green Means Stop: How Safety Messages Got So Muddled

When Marquita Burnett heard Philadelphia was moving to the “green” phase of reopening, she was confused. She was pretty sure the city had already earned a green designation from Pennsylvania’s governor (it had). The next thing she knew, the city was scaling back some of the businesses it had planned to reopen (namely, indoor dining and gyms). But it was still calling this phase “restricted green.”

“I feel like it’s been back and forth — the mayor says one thing, the governor says another. So who do you really listen to?” asked Burnett, a 32-year-old teacher’s assistant.

Looking for something to do with her 6-year-old son at the end of June, she saw the mayor announce that libraries could open in the new, modified green phase. But people who worked at the library were posting on Twitter that they were not open.

“The lines are very blurred,” said Burnett. “Are

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Some facts about Eye exercises

Simple Eye Exercises to Maintain Your Vision

We seldom pay enough attention to the muscles of our eyes. Despite the important task performed by eyes, not caring for them and looking after their health manifests in the form of the various eye problems. Some of them are not even directly related to eyes; headache, disorientation due to dizzy vision etc. are fairly common in such case of lack of adequate care for the eyes. 

 Hence, look after the health of the eye is imperative for their health and better functionality. The eye-exercises, much like all other exercises, work to strengthen the muscles and improve their control. With better muscular coordination comes improved focus and easier eye movements. 

Therefore, anyone who is having eye issues –not vision issues—or wants to avoid these altogether, should invest their time into performing eye-exercises. These are, however, not a substitute for professional care. If your eyes are bothering you a lot, then … Read More

California GOP Consultant Rues ‘Big Mistake’ That Led to Family’s COVID Infections

SACRAMENTO — The tweet Richard Costigan posted July 23 was bluntly honest: “We tried our best to limit exposure to #COVID19 but we slipped up somewhere.”

Costigan tweeted while waiting anxiously in the parking lot of a hospital outside Sacramento. The veteran Republican political consultant had just dropped his wife, Gloria, off at the emergency room. He wasn’t allowed to go in with her.

His thoughts traveled back to the small family gathering they had attended in Georgia nearly

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