Buying an Ironman Treadmill – The Cost and Warranty Are Two Advantages


We have become more conscientious about taking care of our health, both with diet and exercise, which has led to a vast number of gyms and even more exercise equipment to use at home. The benefits of walking is still one of the top exercises, leading to the majority of exercise equipment manufacturers producing so many makes and models of treadmills you do not know where to begin. The warranty and cost are just two of the advantages of buying an Ironman treadmill.

The Ironman is manufactured by Key Fitness, which added treadmills to their other products in 1997. They are manufactured here in the United States; however, some of the component parts they imported from overseas early on did cause problems with previous machines having a quality issue. They have apparently quit using the parts which were causing the problems. Their warranty of a lifetime for its frame, 10 years for the motor, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor, compared to Nautilus, which offers 10 years on the frame and motor, 2 years parts and 90 days labor, Schwinn with 10 years on the frame, 2 years parts, 1 year electronics, and 90 days labor, or Horizon which has a lifetime for the frame and one year motor against defects, should ease your mind about their quality now.

These treadmills start at $799.00 and go to $2,000.00, with the majority of them in the low to mid range to fit whatever budget you have, and you can watch for spring sales, a pre-owned one or a demo model for sale for even more savings. These start at 2.0 horsepower when used continuously, increasing to 3.0 horsepower when used continuously, with a 10 MPH maximum speed on all the models. They all fold, for easier storage and all but the cheapest one includes a heart rate monitor. The one thing that does change for the models is the running surface, going from 51″ x 18″ up to 58″ x 20″.

For those of you who like to physically see what you are buying, and perhaps even try them out, they are not hard to find. Just go online and you can look up which store is closest to you. Of course, if you want to buy one just to impress your friends, there are more expensive brands out there, but if you want a reasonably priced treadmill to work out on, Ironman is a good fit.

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