Cleaning The Planet That Provides Our Every Need


With the advent of modern technology and because of human intelligence, our lives have been made easier. It is apparent that people work hard to have a good life that they dream and to enjoy things that we can acquire.

To have a huge a house filled with appliances can provide the comfort that we need. Traveling is made easy with the various modern transportation that we have today. Human intelligence have paved way for the emergence of computers, internet, gadgets, huge machinery and all the tools that can make life easy no matter if we are at home, in school, in the office or anywhere we desire to go.

But do we realize the price this technology brings? Little by little without knowing, this technology is affecting our environment causing destructive disasters. Typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami, flash floods and oil spills are some of the disasters that should give us a clue that we should take action to prevent these disasters to take its toll.

The earth is ill. And it is because of our actions and our selfishness. Some engage in illegal logging which is seen to cause flash floods; dynamite fishing and oil spills which is causing water pollution. All these cited are harmful to humans and to the environment. That is why now is the best time that we need to help it heal by joining in non-profit organizations that endeavors to provide good environmental services and environmental remediation that our Mother Nature needs now.

We do not have to wait for tomorrow, all of us should act now to prevent tremendous things to happen. There are many simple ways we can take part in environmental services and remediation that our environment needs like:

Proper garbage disposal


Consume energy and electricity

Avoid the use of plastics

Tree planting

Through these activities our environment will be clean. We can surely enjoy bountiful blessings that Mother Nature is providing like fresh fruits and vegetables, clean water, clean air and clean surroundings and prevent epidemic diseases as well. Not forgetting, a healthy environment that will lead to a healthy life. We need to repay our planet with good things because it is the one that provides us with what we need to live.

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