Exploring the British Isles

Exploring the British Isles

The British Isles are a set of islands off continental Europe’s northwest coast and comprises Ireland, Great Britain and several smaller adjacent Islands and islets. It specifically sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea and the closest point is only 21 miles from the mainland. Ireland is the smaller island and is situated to the west of Britain, the larger island. Contrasting to most of Europe’s mainland the British Isles borders have not had any significant change since the 1600’s when the King of England and that of Scotland made them a union among other states. It was also around 1600 that the Anglo-Scottish finalized the conquest of Ireland. The British Isles typically experience a maritime climate and all types of weather. The Eastern portion receives less rainfall as compared to the western area. The eastern side has a warmer temperature while the western side has cooler temperatures. They have some mountainous areas though they tend to be lower towards the coastline. The Ben Nevi mountains is the highest mountain in the regions having an altitude of about 1,344M and is situated in Grampian Mountains western portion. The British Isles are a travel destination that any tourist would want to explore. For the best travel experience find reliable travel companies before embarking on a trip to the British Isles. This article goes through some of the destinations you can explore in the British Isles.

Dunraven Bay, South Glamorgan, Wales
Situated in the Southern down village, this is one of the famous attractions in the British Isles. The Dunraven Bay was nominated as a heritage coast site and features sedimentary rocks forming low tide pools and terraces. The cliffs have attractive routes that offer outstanding panoramic views of the coast. Tourists can access the Dunraven Bay easily either by driving or hiking. While on foot, tourists can descend to the beach and reach the coast from below. Paths in the Glamorgan Coastal pass through renowned attractions like the garden of Dunraven castle and the ruins.

Snowdonia, Wales
Snowdonia is a mountainous region that dominates a huge part of North wales. It is home to the highest point in the country referred to as Snowdon. It offers an appealing welsh atmosphere. Snowdonia has something to offer both to those who want to pop in for the day and those who wish taking hikes.

St Ives, Cornwall, England
St Ives, once known for casual fishing, has become an incredible holiday hub. It possesses a pulsating art scene with multiple art galleries and artists hanging out, conversing, and painting. By Visiting the village one witnesses a lovely town centre with restaurants, pubs and cosy cafes, attractive beaches, a small coastal town and a vibrant cultural life.

Blackpool, England
Since 1846 after the railway arrived, Blackpool, England has become a seaside resort that is accessible. Since then vacationers have found Blackpool a beautiful attraction. A tourist can enjoy the Iconic pleasure beach with lots of entertainment from breath-taking modern rides to traditional wooden roller coasters. It is a great place that will make your vacation fun. You will spend time walking around visiting restaurants, cafes, shops and pubs.

Whitby, England
This town is a seaside resort as well as a traditional fishing village. The Whitby, England features the 13th-century abbey renowned ruins, which exemplify its rich and historical heritage. A visit to this town will have you witness its unique character, a variety of fish, and chips shops, where people have their snack.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
Featuring route stretches that are 2,600 kilometres long in west Ireland dramatic coast. The wild Atlantic way passes through three provinces, nine counties magnificent landscapes and several great towns. There are also various tourist attractions that one can enjoy making it one of the UK’s most popular routes.  Travellers can also stop and have a walk along the coastline.

The wales coast path, Wales 
Stretching 1,400 kilometres from Chepstow to Queensferry, the Wales Coast path is a walking path that passes through some exciting places including a dramatic coastline featuring precipitous cliffs, sandy beached and flowery fields. There are also 11 National Nature Reserves on the way. Tourists will enjoy amazing views, great opportunities of hiking, exploring, natural reserves, and historical monuments while also enjoying outdoor activities in the vast route.

Brighton, England
This is one of England’s favourite seaside towns and possesses a unique vibe. The beach has emerald waters and is coved in pebbles. The famous pier offers several entertainments from restaurants, cafes, carousels, and a casino, making it a major attraction. 

In conclusion, the British Isles offers quite a variety of attractions to explore. You can look at reviews to these destinations in Review sites such as the UK collected reviews and choose which one to visit.