Four Ways to Manage Old Homes to Minimize Covid-19 Spread


A novel virus (COVID-19) has surrounded the world in early 2020, due to its unexceptional rate of transmission. Its extent is mostly amongst individuals who are in close contact with infected people due to their sneezing, coughing or even talking and droplets from their nose or mouth. For self-safety measures it is advised to stay at home, individuals used to keep themselves busy in the house at gardening, books reading, cooking while some have pets like emotional support cat to keep them in a pleasant mood. 

Four ways to manage old homes to minimize the Covid-19 spread

However, just being at home is not enough to secure against the virus; some other protective measures have to be taken to manage old houses to minimize Covid-19 spread. According to the researchers, this virus can live on the surface for about 24 hours, but on plastic and steel its duration can extend up to two or three days. So even if you are not leaving home, it is essential to clean it as there is a possibility of exposure of items or individuals coming to your home. 

  1. Don’t forget to clean your home first and disinfect later

Vacuuming and sanitizing the high touch surfaces at your houses regularly is a significant provision which will minimize the possibility of infection. The removal of germs referred to cleaning while using a chemical to kill the germs is known as disinfection. Mutually they can lower the opportunity of spread from the high touch surfaces in the homes like doorknobs, taps, remote controls, chairs, tables, surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens, kid’s toys and numerous electronic items which need proper cleaning.  

  1. Wearing of disposable gloves while disinfecting items 

Another important precautionary measure while cleaning old homes is to wear disposable gloves and make sure you must have better ventilation. After cleaning, throw the gloves or if you are using some reusable gloves then don’t use them for other purposes and wash the hands immediately after removing them. 

  1. Products used for cleaning homes

Clean the dirty surface with detergent or soap along with water. After that, use a product for disinfecting, which comprises bleach or alcohol (almost 70%); however, natural products like vinegar is not suggested for this purpose. In the places where is it possible to have proper disinfectant products, a household diluted solution of bleach might be beneficial to use. At the same time, the vital thing is not to wipe off the disinfectant solution too early, as the product requires to be wet on the surface for few minutes so that it could be sufficient enough to minimize the spread of the virus in homes. Therefore, it is essential to read the directions carefully, which are mentioned son these products. 

  1. Cleaning the kitchen at your best 

The kitchen or any other places where food items are prepared or consumed are the ideal places for germs to be present. In such areas there exist lots of sides which you have touched habitually, which can be easily overlooked to disinfect even though you are cleaning at your best. Amongst them, few obvious places include the doors of freezers and fridges, while keeping in mind the insides drawers and shelves. If reusable bags are in practice, they should be soaked in a sink with hot soapy water after putting all the groceries items away. 


Therefore, it is vital to keep you and your surroundings clean so that this pandemic can be over. For this purpose, not only staying home is enough individuals have to be concerned about the peoples and items coming from outside. So make sure to disinfect and clean them in a proper manner.