Most likely if you have owned one of the other Healthrider model treadmills you just can’t see any reason to want to get rid of it. No doubt it has more than met your needs and these units just never seem to become outdated. With their lifetime warranties on frame and motor wear and tear is not the issue.

Healthrider is always in the mainstay of technology. They are constantly improving and enhancing their units. It’s for this reason that a Healthrider treadmill owner will upgrade. Usually they will sell their current model and get a good price for it, no matter what model it is or the length of time they have had it. They will then go on to buy the Healthrider HI40t treadmill.

What does this model have that the others are lacking? Advanced entertainment. Individual that are intense treadmill exercisers will spend long period of time on their unit. If they stop their regime prematurely its not because they didn’t have the endurance or the unit couldn’t take it. It’s simply because they are bored.

Although this is a big issue with many treadmill exercisers they would not give up their previous Healthrider for a unit that did not have the same benefits or more than the one they now have. The Healthrider H140t treadmill lacks nothing in features and benefits. Its strength comes from the 3.5HP commercial pro spin balanced motor. One would think that such a strong power driven unit such as this would be big and bulky and cumbersome. In fact it’s sleek attractive and space conscious. It folds up easily and has a self locking latch.

We talked about boredom being one of the reasons for upgrading. This HealthRider Club Series H140t treadmill has addressed that problem in more ways than one. The most exciting is the 7″ flat screen TV with digital tuner. Then there is the iPod music system generated with a 3.0 equalized sound system. Added to all this is the 40iFIT workouts specifically designed by an accredited personal trainer. With all these features it is most unlikely that one would become bored while exercising on the Healthrider club series H140t treadmill.

Not only are you fully entertained but you enjoy all this in comfort. Whoever said that exercise had to be painful to be effective did not know about the Healthrider H140t treadmills. With a 20″ wide running belt supporting the SoftStrider cushioning that helps to prevent unnecessary joint stress, there can be nothing else but comfort. In fact the one significant reminder that you are actually in full swing exercising would be the perspiring you are experiencing. Then I forgot to mention this unit is equipped with a duel workout cooling fan. So overheating is not going to be an unpleasant issue either.

By this point you may be coming concerned that there is little doubt that you are going to be using this unit to your exercise maximum. Is there any concern about the unit just not being able to take that kind of constant use? Healthrider doesn’t think so or they wouldn’t be offering a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.

In summary when you combine all of the features we have discussed with the brightly lit control panel, the Quick Incline feature, the QuickSpeed control, there really is not much left to say that the HealthRider H140t is lacking.

Features of the Healthrider H140t Treadmill
Commercial grade motor
40 iFIT Personal Trainer Workouts
7″ Flat-Panel TV
Music Port for iPOD
Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound System
“SoftStrider” Cushioned Deck
Heart Rate Monitor
Quiet Tread belt
One Touch Speed
One Touch Incline
Bright LED Display
7 x 10 Workout Matrix
2 Workout Cooling Fans
Space Saver (Folding) Design
Drop Shock

Specifications of the Healthrider H140t Treadmill
Motor: 3.5 HP Commercial Motor
Speed: 0 – 12 MPH
Incline: 0 – 12 %
User weight: 350 lbs
Belt size: 20″ x 60″
Folding: YES
Warranty: Life time Frame and Motor

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