How Homeopathy Helps You Relieve of Allergic Rhinitis Effectively?

How Homeopathy Helps You Relieve of Allergic Rhinitis Effectively?

We all know how bad allergies can affect us. From sleepless nights to distractions during work, conditions like allergic rhinitis can mess up our normal life. 

Allergic Rhinitis, also known as hay fever, results due to a response to allergens, such as pollen, and affects the body. Generally, the condition results due to weather change. It may cause recurring headaches and fatigue but no fever. 

Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis:

Here are some common symptoms of allergic rhinitis that you should be aware of. 

  • Early morning sneezing 10 to 15 times in a go

  • A runny nose 

  • Constant sneezing

  • Itching in the nose and throat

  • Sore throat

  • Cough

  • Itchy and watery eyes

  • Dry skin

  • Blisters, particularly in the winters

  • A loss of smell

  • Ear block and pain 

Most often, symptoms may come and go with the change in the season, while, other times, allergic rhinitis can remain all year long!

Our body activates our defenses as it comes in contact with potential allergens, such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet hair, perfumes, pollution, cold temperatures, humidity, and similar allergens troubling the respiratory system. This makes our body cells release histamine to fight back the allergens, thereby, ultimately, causing symptoms of allergic rhinitis. 

One might be more susceptible to the condition if such kinds of allergies run through family history. Also, if someone is addicted to smoking or have other issues, such as asthma or atopic eczema, it can increase the susceptibility for allergic rhinitis. 

A doctor might prescribe doses of certain medicines, such as antihistamines that work on the body to reduce or stop the body from producing high amounts of histamine. A decongestant may be used to provide relief in nasal blockage, However, taking a decongestant is not a permanent solution as the dose keeps on increasing with time, and, if it’s stopped, symptoms may return. Immunotherapy and nasal drops are also prescribed as and when required. However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting to permanent solution to your allergic rhinitis, you can go for holistic restoration of health through homeopathy. 

The doctor might perform one out of two tests to check whether you suffer from hay fever or allergic rhinitis. A skin prick test or intradermal test is conducted wherein skin reaction is observed after exposure to allergens.

Genetic factors are also considered if it runs in the family of the patient so that the root cause can be identified and allergy is prevented or addresses at the initial stages only.

Homeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis:

Homeopathic treatment for allergic rhinitis addresses and corrects the root cause of the condition and offers you long-lasting relief. Homeopathy targets the immune system of the body to reduce the sensitivity that leads to different kinds of immune-disorder-based allergies. Homeopathic treatment works to strengthen the immune system by treating not just the physical aspects and symptoms, but also emotional and mental health. 

The homeopathic treatment for allergic rhinitis results in a reduction in the severity of response to allergens. It also alleviates the severe attacks of rhinitis even after exposure to the allergens. 

It is said that there is no permanent cure to allergic rhinitis in conventional medicine, while exposure to a heavy dosage of conventional medicine for various symptoms can further weaken the immune system. Fortunately, you have homeopathy at your rescue. Homeopathy works effectively to strengthen your immune system and does not cause any side-effects. So, homeopathy is always safe and effective in treating the condition.

Homeopathic Remedies for Allergic Rhinitis:

Here are some homeopathic remedies to treat allergic rhinitis effectively.

  1. Apis mellifica: Nasal congestion and recurring pain are relieved with the use of Apis mellifica. 

  1. Euphrasia: This homeopathic remedy helps ease the swelling in the eyes. Also, it helps stop the tears and irritation in the eyes.

  1. Ferrum phosphoricum: It is used as and when the patient suffers from the allergy. This remedy helps treat the early stages of inflammation. 

  1. Galphimia glauca: This homeopathic medicine provides you relief from constant sneezing.

  1. Histaminum:  It is generally used to relieve you of almost all the symptoms related to allergic rhinitis.

  1. Kali iodatum: It helps obtain relief in nasal discharge and nasal congestion. 

  1. Nux vomica: It gives relief in constant sneezing occurring in the early morning hours.

  1. Wyethia: This homeopathic medicine relieves you of the itching behind the nose and upper palate of the mouth.

Not every patient gets identical treatment in homeopathy even if they suffer from the same allergy. The treatment differs from individual to individual, based on medical history, other underlying causes, and diseases along with the environment one is exposed to. Another factor taken into account to design the treatment is the patient’s family history. 

Easy Helpful Tips To Prevent or Treat Allergic Rhinitis:

Here are some precautions that you can follow to prevent or treat allergic rhinitis effectively. 

  1. Cover your nose and mouth with masks when you are exposed to pollution.

  1. Keep surroundings clean and hygienic, and remove dust at frequent intervals. 

  1. One can gargle and have steam inhalation after adding cloves to the boiling water as and when required.

  1. Also, it is advisable to practice Pranayam for a better intake of oxygen and get rid of all your stress. 

So, if you happen to suffer from allergic rhinitis at any time, count on homeopathy without a second thought and obtain relief.