How to clean the air in your home with an Air Purifier.

Hospital Grade Air Purifier:

Indoor air quality in health facilities is a growing concern because of growing care practices, deteriorating buildings and vulnerable patients. That’s why the AIR8 Air Purifier is the certified solution for hospitals, medical and dental clinics and clinics, podiatry offices, pharmacies and laboratories, nursing homes, nurseries and kindergartens, but also hotels.

AIR8 multi-level filtration merchandise are effective devices combining the most advanced technologies presently to be had available on the market. Our scientific-grade HEPA NANO filters get rid of 99.97% of malicious debris from the air, presenting secure environments for both enterprise and entertainment. Implementing a couple of filtering structures ensures high performance in killing viruses (i.e., Coronavirus) and.

Due to the modern environmental conditions, we face suspended and invisible micro particles every time we breathe. The expanded degree of air pollution unavoidably raises the amount of chemical, physical and biological pollutants internal buildings.

The air pleasant relies upon on the amount of suspended particles it contains. Satisfactory or coarse particles can linger in the air for multiple hours, and may deliver allergens and dust, however additionally active viruses (i.e., Coronavirus).

To limit the hazard of Covid-19 transmission, breathing symptoms and uncomfortable allergy symptoms, you want to recognize what air you’re respiration.

AIR8 included solutions provide cozy indoors air on your sufferers and personnel.

Safe Air Apace structures combine multiple superior technology that make sure the very best air filtration efficiency in disposing of malicious particles.


• A compact and powerful unit with a unique, patented design;

• Designed, and assembled in Europe, with a 3-year warranty;

• Can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world;

• Touch screen panel with:

  • Air quality indicator;
  • Speed control;
  • Date and time;
  • Filter status indicator;
  • ACTIVE mode / Manual mode;
  • Night mode;
  • Data history;
  • Settings;
  • Keypad lock;
  • On / Off.

Advantages of using AIR8 in nurseries / kindergartens / schools:

▪ Children spend 90% of their time indoors (in nurseries, at home, in gyms, in transportation, etc.), with indoor air being 8 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Poor air quality causes a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, eye, nose and throat irritation, asthma and hyperactivity;

▪ Air 8 280 helps to purify indoor air, eliminating CO2, mold, PM2.5, bacteria, formaldehyde (paint, glue, building materials, cleaning products), benzene, odors, pollen, VOC, dust.

Advantages of using AIR8 in nursing homes:

▪ Unpleasant odors are mainly due to incontinence of some residents, affecting residents, staff and families / visitors alike;

▪ Unpleasant odors are neutralized thanks to the activated carbon filter and the photo catalysis function;

• The DEEP CLEAN (deep cleaning) function, which offers a deep treatment, helps to eliminate all sources of pollution, including strong odors. It is the most effective solution to combat unpleasant odors in nursing homes.

Clean Air Machine: 

An air purifier usually has a range of up to 36 m2 and, in order to maintain optimum performance, we recommend it to replace the filter approximately every six months. Some air purifiers have filters that contain plant extracts, which further affects the quality of airborne allergen filtration.

Air purifiers also have the option of humidifying the space and maintaining optimal humidity levels, thus successfully avoiding dry air that causes a lot of irritation and respiratory problems.

Although you can’t influence what you breathe outside, you can use a purifier at home or in the office to give you an allergen-free air where you can breathe safely. When asthmatics spend time in the fresh air, their symptoms are reduced and their body recovers from constant irritation from the environment.

At certain times of the year, experts may even ask you not to go outside and keep the windows closed while staying indoors so that polluted air does not enter the rooms. 

There are many ways to prevent or at least reduce indoor air pollution, and one of them is the use of an air purifier, which removes all those particles that are not visible to the naked eye, such as viruses, dust mites, dust and hair. Of animals that may be harmful to inhalation. 

It is very important to choose air purifiers with integrated air quality sensors so that you can monitor the current level of pollution on color-changing LED icons according to world-renowned air quality index (AQI) values.

Clean the air:

An equipment designed to cleanse the air in your property, doing away with all the impurities which includes odors, smoke, dirt and pet dander. Because indoor air could have stages of certain pollutants up to 5 times better than out-of-doors air, we get it. Air purifiers can indeed neutralize some of the risk posed by air pollutants and via indoor activities. In fact, even though, not all air purifiers stay as much as their marketing hype.

Air purifiers normally include a filter out, or multiple filters, and a fan that sucks in and circulates air. As air moves via the filter, pollution and debris are captured, and the smooth air is pushed back out into the living space. Normally, filters are made from paper, fiber (often fiberglass) or mesh, and that they require everyday replacement to hold efficiency.