How to Use Custom-Printed Vinyl Decals to Create Mobile Billboards for your Business

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Mobile billboards are one of the most interesting marketing tools in the world. They’re not used by many companies. But, the companies that use mobile billboards for advertising their brands almost always get great results. That’s because there’s no limit to the amount of brand exposure mobile billboards can provide. They’re constantly on the move.

Wherever you drive your mobile billboard – all the locals will see them. Companies from all types of industries can use these non-static billboards to build their brands’ presence in specific communities. Well-designed mobile billboards can captivate anyone – be it someone driving or walking by. But, not all companies can afford mobile billboards.

The Problem with Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are relatively very expensive. For some businesses, even the thought of using these tools for marketing is out of the question. However, with smart planning and the right tools, small companies with insignificant marketing budgets can create high-quality mobile billboards. There are 276+ million vehicles in the country.

You can convert these buses, cars, trucks, and other vehicles into mobile billboards. How? You simply apply high-quality, branded decals or stickers on the surfaces of these vehicles. These items are popularly known as “vinyl decals.” Here’s how these decals can be used to convert normal vehicles into advertising machines.

Using Custom Decals to Decorate Vehicles

Vehicle decals or stickers are used to partially or fully cover vehicles. These stickers can be printed with all types of artwork – from high-definition pictures to marketing messages to brand logos/names. Create a set of custom-printed stickers that advertise your business, products, or services. Then, apply them on the surfaces of your company vehicles.

  • These decals or stickers are made of vinyl, a synthetic material that’s popular for being UV and water-resistant. Hence, vinyl stickers and decals don’t get damaged if you drive your vehicle in the rain or under direct sunlight. They remain crisp in their appearance, and the graphics don’t fade for decades.
  • These qualities make vinyl stickers and decals highly cost-effective. A small business owner can buy ten vinyl stickers and decals (custom-printed with brand logos and names) today. He or she can use those stickers for at least six to seven years. During this period, the quality of their stickers won’t deteriorate at all.

Plus, the more you drive your decal-covered vehicle, the more exposure your brand receives. Most business leaders have to drive their vehicles for work almost every day. Why not use the free advertising spaces on these vehicles to boost your brand? You can easily transform your company car into a mobile billboard with custom-printed vinyl stickers.

Where Can You Use Vinyl Stickers and Decals?

Modern-day vinyl stickers and decals don’t come with harmful glues. They don’t damage cars or glass surfaces. Hence, you can install your branded stickers on truck windows, car bonnets, and any other part of your vehicles. As long as your custom-printed decals are visible and understandable, they’ll promote your brand 24×7.

Order custom decals and start converting your company’s fleet of vehicles into mobile billboards now!