Innovative bariatric surgeries – 3 significant changes

Choosing the Right Bariatric Surgery Option – Cleveland Clinic

Considering surgical weight-loss treatment? During the last decade, a few changes made various bariatric operations even more popular. Professionals reveal 3 innovative aspects that made patients’ weight-loss journey more smooth and pleasant. So, what has changed?

1. The holistic complex treatment approach

Already did your research on the best clinics locally and abroad? Then you most probably got to know the innovative holistic approach of the complex treatment. Note that only professional clinics can actually offer a harmonious path to a better quality of daily life. How to find a trustworthy team?

Well, you can definitely feel it from the way specialists communicate. Still, it‘s crucial to look over the services and medics that will lead you all the way through. Check if the clinic gathers nutritionists, sports specialists, plastic and reconstruction surgeons, endocrinologists. And most important – highly skilled surgeons.

2. Use of the latest technologies 

While it’s a surgery, forget about the huge post-operational scars. How is that possible? Nowadays, most bariatric procedures are performed using the latest laparoscopic technologies. This new technique means there are no noticeable scars – the operation takes only a few small incisions. Even if some of the surgeries might sound drastic, it takes only around 1–2 hours in the hands of experts.

Want to save yourself some time on research? Experts shared a tip of effectively researching bariatric procedures abroad. Suppose you are looking for a sleeve gastrectomy. Typing into the search box, let’ say – gastric sleeve Lithuania – add on extra words. For example, experienced surgeons or the latest laparoscopic technologies.

Needless to say, there are many new food products alternatives today – vegan meat, lactose-free milk, or gluten-free treats. The same applies to physical activity options – Nordic walking, various dancing classes, types of yoga discovered. Changes in the whole industry, not only some of its’ parts, are shifting our perception of a balanced lifestyle.

3. New effective, reversible procedures

By the way, have you already heard about the reversible procedures? Yes, the ones that can be fully reversed. If drastic stomach removal scares you, look over the pouch plication or so-called balloon procedures. Those ones take more time to reach the desired goal but are reversible. What if the result will not be satisfactory? There are plenty of revisional options.

So, what can you take from this? Probably the most essential thing here is the healthy, holistic approach towards a life-lasting journey. It’s not the easy way out. Therefore, be wise and do your homework – find a trustworthy clinic with a highly skilled surgeon ahead.