Pet Cat Insurance – 7 Tips For Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Plan For Your Cat


As a cat owner, you probably feel a strong kinship toward your feline friend and want to give them the best possible. They provide unconditional love and you reciprocate by making sure their needs are taken care of, especially when they fall sick or get injured. The last thing you want to worry about is having to give your cat poor care because of the rising cost of medical expenses.

Fortunately, many cat owners like you are choosing pet insurance to help with potentially unaffordable medical expenses for their cats. Here are 7 tips to help you make your decision about which pet insurance to get:

1. Get Many Quotes

Shopping around for different pet insurance plans is just good practice. No two pet insurance plans are exactly alike so you’ll want these quotes to make the best decision.

2. Read The Fineprint

Insurance plans for pets can sometimes be as complicated as they are for humans. While it may not be the most exciting thing, the effort is worth it when you don’t have to be surprised if certain expenses are excluded from the plan.

3. Find Testimonials Online

The Internet is one of the best places to find out information about the different insurance companies. You’ll find out the good and the bad experiences involved with each company.

4. Review Their Claims Process

Since you’re investing in this plan to save money, make sure that it’s going to be an easy process to actually get reimbursed. You don’t want to get trapped under months worth of paperwork when trying to provide the best for your cat.

5. Make Sure Your Veterinarian Is Included

Some insurance companies will limit you to their network of veterinarians. If you like the vet you’ve been going to, there is no reason you should have to give them up just for your insurance.

6. Follow Up With Your Veterinarian

Veterinarians see a side of the insurance plans that you don’t often see. You can get a lot of great information from them about the different companies and which ones cat owners like you are choosing.

7. Buy Online

While your vet or pet shop might offer to sell you the insurance, you’ll benefit more by getting quotes and buying your insurance through the Internet. This will save you from paying extra fees associated with giving those third parties a commission.

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