Ready for the Fall Weather? Here Are a Few Things You’ll Need 


Most of us usually breathe a sigh of relief as soon as the harsh summer heat starts letting up. But while we no longer have to worry about sweating through the hottest days of the year, we now have to focus on the weather that the fall brings. Depending on where you live, it could be cold, rain or even snow. Here are a few things that you will need to get ready for the fall weather.

Proper Insulation 

Before the cool weather really starts to set in, you will want to check your windows, doors and roof to ensure that they are all adequately insulated. If you do find any weak spots, make sure to repair them before the cold and the snow arrive. It is also helpful to look at the eaves on your home for any staining. Stained eaves could mean that you have a leak in your roof. If this is the case, it is far easier to repair this ahead of time rather than waiting until it becomes a problem. So make sure you are checking for these things in advance.

 Gutter Maintenance 

As leaves and debris fall off the trees, they will often end up directly in your gutters. This can cause your gutters to become clogged which can lead to several further issues such as pests or wood rot. It is important to make sure you are maintaining this area regularly to prevent it from becoming clogged. This will allow your gutters to drain properly without collecting build up that can attract pests into your home. You should also make sure to check that any water has a place to drain and won’t pool on the ground in front of your downspouts.

Tree Maintenance

Another area of your home that is going to need maintenance ahead of fall and winter is the foliage in your yard. Start by removing any dead branches that are in your yard. If you see any low hanging branches on your trees, cut them back yourself. If you have a large yard, consider having a tree care professional come and help you with yard maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting 

When the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier, you will need some outdoor lighting so you can safely navigate your backyard. Make sure that all your outdoor lighting is in proper working order before it starts to stay darker for longer. .

Storage for Patio Items 

If you have any outdoor furniture items, this is the time to go ahead and bring them inside for the year. Make sure you have adequate storage space to bring all your outdoor items inside so they don’t get damaged in the harsh winter weather.

Well Fitting Winter Clothes 

You are going to want to make sure that you have winter clothes that fit you well. While the adults in your home are most likely able to re-wear clothes from the previous years, children may have outgrown last year’s winter outfits. At the beginning of fall, have your kids go through all of their winter wear from last year. Make sure they try everything on and make a list of anything that you will need to repurchase in their updated sizes.

Items for Rain

Before it gets cold enough for snow, most climates experience bouts of rain throughout the fall. If you expect rain where you live, you need to prepare yourself and your family to go to work and school in these less-than-ideal conditions. Umbrellas for rain, rain boots, raincoats and ponchos are all good things to have on hand. Make sure you pack an umbrella in your bag before heading off to work and get a small one to put in your kids book bags so they don’t get caught out in the rain.

 Brake and Tire Checks 

In addition to preparing yourself, your family and your home for the fall weather, you also need to make sure that your car is prepared. Driving on tires with no traction or poor breaks can be extremely dangerous when the snow, rain and sleet arrive. Make sure to get your brakes and tires checked in fall to prepare for the winter months to come.  

Getting Ready for Fall

Prepping for fall weather does take a bit of effort, but you will be thanking yourself later in the season. Preparing your home, yard, car and family for the winter months helps to prevent further issues down the line, especially last-minute fixes. Try some of these preparation tips before the cold weather sets in.

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