Remember Some Points Before Buying Health Insurance


In General insurance, Health insurance is also known as Mediclaim policies. This insurance policy covers expenses at the time of hospitalization and it also includes the expenses during pre-hospitalization as well as post hospitalization stages such as pathological tests buying machine etc. Mediclaim policy covers an individual and his family against unexpected medical emergency. It is an agreement between an insured person and the insurance company. This health plan brings many medical benefits such as medical tests, drugs and treatment services. The company takes Insurance premium to protect you against the risks.

Before purchasing a mediclaim policy, an individual should note some points. These points can help him to buy the best insurance plan for you.

Age Factor: – Age is one of the major factors for purchasing the insurance plan. It becomes very essential for every age group of people. For buying an insurance policy, the maximum age may differ from one insurance company to another.

Adequate Cover: – Adequate cover gives the coverage for the whole family of an individual i.e. spouse, children and dependent parents. One should opt for a policy that gives coverage for the family at the reasonable costs. For this, you can also select a floater policy which covers the entire family very efficiently.

Cost-benefit Ground: – In the mediclaim policy, cost is one of the critical factor for buying an insurance policy. The cost of this insurance depends on the number of dependent’s member in the family. Everyone should watch the benefits given by insurance policy.

Cover By Your Employer or Not: If an individual is covered under the health insurance plan by his company, then he should make sure whether his dependents are covered or not. If an individual should not have insurance cover from his employer, then he should purchase policy for his dependents.

A Health insurance plan gives protection the policy holder and his dependents for in-patient hospitalization expenses which may include room and boarding charges as per policy terms. So a person should keep in mind all the above mentioned things before buying an insurance plan.

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