Shaving Tips for The Perfect Shave Under 2 Minutes

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Most men don’t have 15 minutes in the morning of the week to look in front of a mirror to shave. Here are my simple shaving tips on how to get the closest and most ideal shave in less than two minutes:

Shaving tips # 1: Pre-shave

The motivation behind a pre-shave item is to smooth and condition your skin before shaving. Shockingly, most men do not use a pre-shave piece during their day-to-day shaving program.

Always use a pre-shave lotion! Why? Your razor edge likes smooth skin. It simply flies over it. It cuts your hair closer to the follicle and gives you an ideal close shave. It also softens and conditions your beard, making it easier to cut. And it’s an optional layer of insurance against the dangerous impacts of the cutting edge that scrapes your skin, helping to prevent scratches and shaving cuts. You get each of these benefits, and it may take 10 seconds to apply it if you are in a hurry. For men who have more testosterone than me and who shave twice a day, a pre-shave lotion/serum will help you shave more closely with the goal that you may only have to shave one time a day. Visit for more information on pre-shave.

The best pre-shave item I have found so far that meets my specific needs is a “pre-shave serum.” Few brands offer such an item, but I can imagine that much sooner or later. Pre-shave serums are very hard on the wallet, but it works with supernatural occurrences and is worth every penny! My skin is in a rigid, smooth flash after the serum is immediately absorbed into my skin, making it the ideal for my razor-sharp edge.

Shaving tips # 2: Shaving cream

I know that using an electric razor allows you to get the fastest shave imaginable. However, it certainly does not offer you the best results for skin and shaving soon after. Your skin will usually be spoiled because no fat is used between the razor and your skin, and you cannot cut hair as close as a cutting razor on a smooth cream.

Use shaving cream and not a shaving gel. Shaving gels usually contain too many air pockets. Air pockets offer no skin insurance from your tip. Think of your sharp edge floating on the air pockets and not on a layer of defensive cream. Shaving creams contain far fewer air pockets and thus provide a smoother defensive inclusion against your sharp edge like a razor. Painful redness of the skin after shaving is usually a result of using a poor shaving cream/gel/cleanser or using the heavier weight on the razor when shaving.

Use a non-foaming cream. Trying to finish before the time runs out every morning, I don’t have the advantage of 5 minutes preparing a mousse with a silvertip badger shaving brush. Also, the foam is just a shaving cream made with too many air pockets inside. This is another subject that I will have the opportunity to deal with in a future article.

Shaving Tips # 3: After Shave

You don’t just leave after you have washed off the abundant shaving cream from your face when you have finished shaving. I think the most important element of custom shaving is to maintain the dynamic quality and flexibility of your skin after shaving. This is the reason why shaving tip # 3 is most important to me.

Discover a non-greasy aftershave emollient that has demonstrated fixations to fight the irritations caused by the rigors of the shaving procedure and those that moisturize and restore your skin to a stable and frothy condition. Some powerful bindings with incredible characteristics to look for in an after-shave ointment are witch hazel – allows the therapist and the chord to bring the veins back to normal size when inflamed – and shea butter – has calming properties and emollient. Also, be sure to use an item that doesn’t clog your pores. I will generally find that oily aftershave ointments do just that, so I usually avoid these. Also, it is best not to use an aftershave item with alcohol or aroma, as these fixings simply dry out your skin.

Shaving can be embarrassing, but if you just follow these three shaving tips, you can get out of the bathroom in just under two minutes with shiny skin and an overly tight shave.