Smooth 6.17 Folding Treadmill Review

As a Smooth Fitness product my first expectation is a warranty which makes the other manufacturers in its price range envious. The 6.17 does not disappoint in that department. Smooth is the only manufacturer I know of who gives a lifetime frame and motor warranty as well as a 5 year parts warranty on a machine that sells for less that $1200. The warranty keeps you covered in the event of wearing and breakage issues but ultimately it is the machine which needs to make up the majority of its value.

The 6.17 does not disappoint. It is a Smooth through and through even if it is one of their mid range models. Starting with a strong motor and impressive design, the 6.17 goes on to offer rock solid frame, an ease of use which opens this machine up to all abilities, and a unique type of shock absorption which helps to make workouts more effective.

Smooth 6.17 Treadmill Specifications

  • Motor- 2.5 Hp
  • Folding- Yes
  • Max Speed- 10mph
  • Incline- 0-15%
  • Walking Surface- 56″ X 20″
  • Display- Blue Backlit LCD
  • Programs- 11
  • Dimensions- 77″ x 36″ x 54″
  • Treadmill Weight- 220 lbs
  • Max User Weight- 325 lbs
  • Warranty- Lifetime motor and Frame, 5 years parts, years in home labor

Despite not having a full 60″ of length, the 6.17 does have a cut away console which allows the user to have a body position which is further forward than is allowed on other machines. This means that at my 6′ 0″, it is comfortable to run on this machine and I do not have the constant feeling that I am about to fall off the back.

The major unique feature is the dual pivot swing arm cushioning design. The deck moves with the users foot falls to not only reduce shock, but also to increase the effectiveness of your workout. In fact, this shock absorption design helps to burn between 14% and 23% more calories.

Sleek, Stylish, A Piece Of Art You Can Run On

Many of the new Smooth Fitness machines have some design element which is really turning heads. Smooth has revamped many of their consoles which as well thought out or designed as they could have been. The 6.17 benefits from Smooth’s new attention to console detail and delivers on the promise of continued attention to improving customer experience which Smooth continues to make.

Solidity, stability, and a smooth drive train are 3 things customers expect from a smooth machine. Smooth did not deviate from the formula which has earned them many accolades in the last few years. An absolute joy to just hope on, quick start, and run a good half an hour. The 2.5 horse power runs quiet and does nothing to distract from one great workout.

The length of the running surface is not ideal, but then again Smooth does have many other models which do offer a 60″ length if it is necessary. The only thing I would have liked is the availability for a little more speed even though it would probably become awkward with only 56″ of belt.

Hard To Fault Easy To Love

Although it is not as long as many other smooth machines it is just as smooth and solid. The strong 2.5 hp is perfectly suited to run cool and last, while providing smooth, quiet function. A true gem which is beautiful and most impressively priced. At around $1200 it is a stand out in its price range and surprisingly easy to afford.

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