Simple Eye Exercises to Maintain Your Vision

We seldom pay enough attention to the muscles of our eyes. Despite the important task performed by eyes, not caring for them and looking after their health manifests in the form of the various eye problems. Some of them are not even directly related to eyes; headache, disorientation due to dizzy vision etc. are fairly common in such case of lack of adequate care for the eyes. 

 Hence, look after the health of the eye is imperative for their health and better functionality. The eye-exercises, much like all other exercises, work to strengthen the muscles and improve their control. With better muscular coordination comes improved focus and easier eye movements. 

Therefore, anyone who is having eye issues –not vision issues—or wants to avoid these altogether, should invest their time into performing eye-exercises. These are, however, not a substitute for professional care. If your eyes are bothering you a lot, then visit an eye specialist in Lahore and seek proper medical help rather than relying solely on the exercises.

Eye exercise DO NOT cure vision 

So many people operate under the misconception of the need and the benefits of eye exercises. A large number are fooled into buying expensive eye-exercise regimen, thinking that these exercises will restore the functionality of the eyes and magically cure the eye-vision problems. 

However, that simple is not true. There is no scientific research present to date that vouches for the sight-healing properties of these exercises. Suffice to say, eye exercises will not restore vision or make the use of corrective glasses redundant. People suffering from sight issues like myopia, hyperopia, or all the age-related vision issues, glaucoma, will continue to have these problems even if they exercise with utmost zeal. 

This does not mean that the entire endeavor does not hold merit. Those people who have yet to have sight issues can possibly defer the need for vision correction paraphernalia with regular exercise. 

But Eye Exercises are beneficial for other ailments 

Vision flop notwithstanding, eye exercises play an important role with regards to other eye-problems. These exercises are especially important for digital eye strain. 

Screens have become very common; phones, laptops and computers, television, e-readers and what not. This continuous and excessive use of these multitude of devices causes digital eye strain which is a culmination of different problems like dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision and photosensitivity. Eye exercises are very effective against these symptoms. 

Moreover, eye exercises are also prescribed for patients who are cross-eyed. Depth perception issues can also be catered to with regular exercise. Similarly, people who have lazy eye, a condition in which brain does not process image from one eye in real time, and starts favoring the other, can also be managed better with diligent eye-exercise routine. 

Likewise, people who have trouble reading are also recommended to do eye-exercise by the doctors. Anyone who has muscle control complaints due to recent surgery can recover much better with these exercises. Convergence insufficiency, a condition in which one eye either move in or outward (hence the lack of convergence), can also be treated and managed well when doctor prescribed regimen is supplemented with exercise. 

Always confer with a doctor

A professional best knows which exercise should be done for which ailment, and the respective frequency. It’s fine for some patients of less intense digital eye strain to exercise on their own accord. However, in case of more severe symptoms, defer to an expert. Similarly, people suffering from the above enlisted ailments should visit the best eye specialist in Karachi to get their exercise plan rather than jumping into it on their own.