Stand Up Paddleboarding – A Fun Workout!


Stand Up PaddleBoarding or SUP is one of the best and most exciting ways to get a great workout. This sport has become very popular over the last 5 years and for a good reason. SUP is a sport anyone can get the hang of easily and it can be done on any body of water such as lakes, rivers, pool and the ocean.

SUP is exactly like it sounds. You stand on a large, wide surfboard and maneuver yourself through the water with a paddle. You can catch waves or you can have a peaceful adventure while feeling close and connected to nature.

SUP workouts are:

  • A fantastic cardio workout without the stinky gym
  • Low impact
  • Works to improve balance and coordination
  • Targets problem areas such as arms, thighs, abs and butts
  • Builds confidence for surfers and non-surfers

The reason Stand Up PaddleBoarding is such a great workout is that the constant instability of the board allows you to balance and really challenge smaller muscle groups in your body during the workout. Best of all it is fun and really doesn’t feel like a workout.

Stand Up PaddleBoarding can be so enjoyable that many people bring their dogs or children with them on a paddle session. SUP is a whole new way to reduce stress and get closer to the water – almost like walking on water. Take a lesson and give it a try. Going to the gym and doing the same old routine can get boring for you – and your body. It’s time to try something new – in no time you will have a trim tummy and a sleek physique!

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