The Necessity of Getting Diabetes Insurance Before It’s Too Late


The extremely long working hours, lack of sleep, no exercise, unhealthy eating habits and change in lifestyle has taken a toll on the health of the Indians. The World Health Organization had estimated 70 million diabetics in India today with a 45% to 50% increase by 2030.

We all get scared by illnesses like tumor, cancer etc. But, diabetes is definitely not an illness that can be ignored. The monthly expense for the medicines spent on diabetes comes to Rs.4, 000 to Rs.9, 000. But these expenses does not include doctor’s consultation fees and diagnostic fees. Besides, with additional complications your expenses might shoot up to Rs.20, 000/- a month.

Health worsens as we grow older. Research shows that one out of seven employees suffer from diabetes or hypertension. Diabetes is a long-term ailment and hence the average claim size is 90% higher compared to other diseases or illnesses.

It makes sense to buy a health insurance plan at an early age. Reason would be as simple as saving on the premiums and preparing yourself for the worst before it’s becomes too late. The rising incidents and claims would encourage you to remain financially relived and cover for your disease if you buy a plan at an early age.

There are variety of health insurance plans available in the market. You have a choice of opting for a specific diabetes plan or a general or standard plan. You can decide upon a particular health plan depending upon various factors like your medical history, standard of living, as well as the area that you live with the total number of family members.

When you buy a health insurance plan, ensure you make extra provisions to provide complete protection for the family. For instance, if your family member suffers from diabetes, you should buy an individual policy rather than a family floater plan. So that, the coverage doesn’t get exhausted for other family members.

There has been a considerable increase in the number of diabetes cases in women and some young adults too. It would be a wise decision to buy a policy that pays for OPD claims. This would take care of your regular medical expenses.

Diabetes has become like a silent killer. This damages the blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, heart and nerves, ultimately leading to expensive treatments like bypass, amputation of any body part, retinopathy etc.

The treatment costs are also going up. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to opt for a wholesome cover. Experts say, it is better to buy a comprehensive health cover that has features like no room rent limits, covers organ donor’s expenses etc. Providing an option to reinstate the policy in case of exhaustion of sum insured would be an additional benefit.

So, keeping in mind the increasingly common lifestyle diseases like diabetes, it is better to buy a diabetes insurance before it’s too late.

Stay Insured, Stay Safe!

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