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Weekend Special: 7 Easy Stir-Fry Recipes For The Perfect Lazy Weekend Meal

For quite a few of us, the weekends arrive as a time to indulge, splurge and delight in an action-packed time with good friends and family. For some other people, the weekend is when we capture up on our favourite reveals, laze around in the household and rejuvenate for the 7 days to occur. If you are the initially type, you have no dearth of places to eat to go to and situations to show up at. However, if you are the second sort, you could have succumbed to the electricity of social media and felt the will need to get in lavish meals to nonetheless be a element of the bandwagon, appropriate? Properly, we have a much better way for you to indulge in an Insta-worthy take care of that is also a perfect addition to your lazy weekend plans. Stir fry recipes are rapid to make and flavor scrumptious with almost all types of main dishes like noodles, fried rice et al. They can be produced with a frequent checklist of elements and stop up hunting as tempting as a restaurant-bought delicacy. Fascinated to consider them out? In this article are 7 indulgent stir-fry recipes that you can get ready for a lazy weekend food.

7 Indulgent Stir-Fry Recipes For A Lazy Weekend Food:

1. Chinese Vegetable Stir-Fry: (Our Top Vegetarian Recommendation)

The instant we say stir fry, we can’t aid but imagine of the crunchy and delicious stir-fried Indo-Chinese dishes that we devour at any time so frequently. Preserving this obsession of Indo-Chinese dishes in mind, the Chinese-style vegetable stir-fry is just one of the finest methods you can repurpose the mix of vegetables that you have laying all-around in the property. Click on right here for the recipe.

2. Tomato Egg Stir-Fry: (Our Prime Non-Veg Suggestion)

Brief and uncomplicated, this tomato egg stir-fry is a single of people delicious recipes that you will be creating on repeat. Provide with bread, roti or rice, the dish makes for a terrific pairing with virtually all the things. Put together an straightforward-peasy tomato ginger and garlic mix in a pan, toss some scrambled eggs on it and you are all set to provide! Click right here for the recipe.

3. Vegetable Stir-Fry:

The best part about the vegetable stir-fry recipe is that it can be produced with virtually any vegetable that you have lying around at residence. Be it cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, corn or even bell peppers – all these veggies can give a new lease of existence to this refreshing stir-fry recipe. Crunchy and delightful, here is how you can make a delicious vegetable stir-fry this weekend.

4. Stir-Fry Little one Corn:

If you like child corn, you are going to really like this recipe. Exceptionally very simple and speedy, the stir-fried infant corn is a fantastic addition to any get together menu, collecting, meal day with your good friends or when you just want to pamper yourself with some thing intriguing. All you require to do is sauté ginger, garlic, child corn, salt and pepper with each other and garnish with clean coriander. Simply click in this article for the comprehensive recipe.

5. Soya Stir-Fry:

You can effortlessly make this recipe at your property with daily components and serve it with roti or steamed rice. The ideal element about this recipe is that it is protein-packed which gives you a great amount of nourishment. Cooked with onions, tomatoes and loads of masalas, this stir-fry will undoubtedly turn out to be your go-to recipe in no time. Simply click right here for the recipe.

6. Andhra Style Prawn Stir-Fry:

With a limited component record and a seemingly easy recipe, you can put together for on your own this succulent prawn stir-fry that is an explosion of flavours! Pair it with rice or roti or some traditional flaky and crispy parottas, the alternative is yours. Below is the recipe for you.

7. Mutton Stir-Fry:

Ending the listing powerful with one particular of the most loved non-veg dishes of all time- mutton stir-fry. The efforts and time necessary to put together this dish all look worthwhile when you bite into that tender and flavorful mutton. The mutton stir-fry is spicy and loaded with assorted spices it is greatest served with basic rice. A really delicious as properly as nutritious dish to prepare dinner for a lazy weekend meal, in this article is the recipe.

There you go, effortless and indulgent these stir-fry recipes are just what you have to have on any lazy working day.

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