What are the benefits of e-prescription for e-pharmacies?

3 Benefits of E-Prescribing | Managed Healthcare Executive

E-prescription is online prescription and scheduling of doctors, patients, labs and pharmacies. It is a need of time because of the lack of doctors in ratio to patients. We have many patients with limited doctors. So, prescription is the only solution for this.

E-prescribing offers various significant benefits for physicians, patients, and pharmacies. The benefits include reduced pharmacy errors, reduced drug costs, enhanced patient safety, improved pharmacy workflow, increased access to prescription records of patients, etc.

Let’s take a look at how e-prescribing benefits pharmacies.

Reduced pharmacy errors

E-prescriptions eliminate handwriting errors in paper-based prescriptions. Moreover, the e-prescribing software gives pharmacies and physicians access to the prescription history of patients which also reduces the chances of dispensing the wrong drugs.

E-prescribing software has helped reduce a significant number of prescription drug errors which mainly occur while reading handwritten prescriptions and dispensing a different drug that sounds similar.

Increased prescription efficiency

Handwritten prescriptions are generally individually drawn up and authorized which tends to make them tedious, costly, and time-consuming. E-prescribing software enables clinicians to refill various prescriptions automatically and simultaneously, saving time for them to review prescriptions.

Therefore, e-prescribing software helps increase prescription efficiency and reduce error rates. Pharmacies can also receive instant authorization from clinicians for emergency refills in cases where patients don’t have access to their medication.

Reduces the number of lost prescriptions

Paper-based prescriptions are prone to be forgotten, not filled, or lost by patients. In events like these, the prescription needs to be re-written or called into a pharmacy.

Using e-prescriptions reduces the number of lost prescriptions as the physicians send prescriptions directly to pharmacies. The right example is CBD based oil and medicines, people take such prescriptions in the wrong way and later suffer with so many problems. There are so many benefits of CBD, you must consult your doctor before taking it.

Access to patients’ prescription drug history

E-prescribing is vital for patient safety as it reduces the risk of inaccurate drug or dose dispensing. The software gives pharmacies access to patients’ drug history which helps them in prescribing increases in dosage or adding concomitant medications for positive therapeutic effects.

E-prescriptions also help with the management of controlled medications and to mitigate fraud related to drugs.

Improved workflow

While the main benefits of e-prescriptions are the safety of patients and the prevention of drug errors, e-prescribing also streamlines the processing of prescriptions. The wait time for patients is also reduced significantly as they aren’t required for the prescriptions to be filled.

For the pharmacies, the time-consuming process of manually entering the prescriptions into the computer is also reduced due to e-prescriptions. In order to maintain a hospital, you need Building Consultancy and a lot of maintenance work as well.

With better safety, pharmacy consultations, and shorter wait times, patient satisfaction is enhanced which results in customer retention and increased profits for the pharmacies. I hope you like reading this article.

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