Yoga Poses That Can Help You To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga is one of the oldest ways to prevent your body from catching up with different diseases. Yoga is a form of exercise that has been used for a thousand years now to avoid different diseases from attacking our body. Yoga is a compelling way of practice that will help you to lead a healthy life as long as you want. You should also follow the proper diet routine along with Yoga. If you are not able to follow the proper diet, consult with the best dietitian in Lahore. There are ways to cure erectile dysfunction. 

However, Yoga might be the only way to prevent it without giving you an aftershock of harmful side effects. Hence, many ED affected people have tried this way to start living an everyday life yet again, and it worked for most of them. You can use medicines like Cenforce to cure ED.

In this article, we will talk to you about the five most incredible Yoga poses that are said to cure Erectile Dysfunction.


The best way to describe the Paschimottanasana is to call it a seated forward bend. This incredible asana helps you improve your endurance by erectile dysfunction strengthening the peroneal muscles (muscles that control erectile rigidity). This asana can beat dysfunction and can delay your ejaculation by contracting the same muscles before your orgasm.


● Sit straight, place your legs together, and then stretch.

● Put your feet pointing towards the ceiling.

● Take a deep breath and stretch your arms to the ceiling.

● Breathe out and keep your spine erect while moving towards the toes.

● Hold your thumb of the toe with the index and thumb, bend your forehead towards the knees.

● Hold the position for 20 seconds.


Kumbhakasana, if done properly, can improve your stamina and endurance on the bed. Practice this asana daily, and you will feel the difference in your stamina level and upper body strength level during sex. Here are the steps.


● Lay down with your stomach touching the floor.

● Place your hands beside your face, and then bend the feet in a way so that your toes push off the ground.

● Push your body upwards with your hands and float your buttocks in the air.

● Hold the position as long as you can. Remember, the legs should stay parallel to the floor.

● Get back to a normal position.


As per the name suggests, in this yoga pose, you pose like a boat. This pose helps you to stimulate sexual hormones. This pose is the best pose for those who don’t feel sexual energy. This pose will help you to feel energy smoothly. This particular yoga pose can strengthen your hips, buttocks, thighs, and other muscles. This asana also improves your pelvic muscles; you can stay longer on the bed with this asana.


● Lie down flat.

● Keep your arms beside your body.

● Keep your feet together

● Inhale and exhale slowly but steadily.

● Start lifting your chest off the floor while the stomach is still in contact with the floor.

● Also, bend your feet upwards at the same time.

● Lift your arms and hold your legs with them.

● Hold this position for the next five to ten breaths.

● Exhale slowly while coming back to a normal position.


This is another incredible yoga pose that has helped in beating premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. This asana can get you an even stronger orgasm, and maybe the best one you deserve. There are many asanas to help ED. However, none of them has been effective, like Dhanurasana at all. Here are the steps to this asana.


● Lie down flat with your stomach touching the floor.

● Keep your feet wide apart.

● Place your arms slowly and by your sides.

● While exhaling, fold your knees and hold your ankles.

● Lift your chest off the ground while inhaling.

● Pull your legs up and back and head straight towards ahead.

● Hold your position for 15 to 20 seconds. Then gently release your ankles and bring yourself back to the normal position.


This is a yoga posture that is known as the raised leg pose. It can help you by providing an intense workout. Besides, it can also engage the glutes and quads. This may help you to stay longer in a missionary position. It also stretches your psoas and the hip flexor muscles that enhance the blood flow in the pelvic region and help you achieve an erection.


● Lay down flat on your back.

● Keep your hands by the sides.

● Now place the heels together.

● Lift your legs up to a thirty-degree angle while inhaling.

● Now lift your head off to the ground while making the last point.

● Stay in this position for four to five breaths.

● Get your legs back to the floor.

● Again repeat the procedure with your legs but with a sixty-degree angle this time.

● Hold this position for a few breaths and then release.

These are some of the best ways to beat erectile dysfunction with Yoga, the ancient Indian method. Try them and cure your ED without the harmful chemical side effects of medicines. You can opt for Vidalista too in order to bring a solution to your ED problems.