Day: June 11, 2020

KHN’s ‘What The Health?’: Say What? The Spread Of Coronavirus Confusion

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As we gain more and more information about the coronavirus and COVID-19, we seem to have less and less understanding of how the disease works and how prevalent it is in areas around the country and world.

Not only does the information keep changing as scientists sift through the data, but the inability of some experts to make that information understandable to the public further confuses matters. Most recently, the World Health Organization had to walk back comments from one of its top leaders about the asymptomatic transmission of the virus.

Meanwhile, Congress seems to have put on the back burner another round of legislation to help those most affected by the virus and accompanying economic shutdowns. And the devastation the virus has unleashed on the nation’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities continues to get less attention

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Federal Help Falters As Nursing Homes Run Short Of Protective Equipment

Around the country, nursing homes trying to protect their residents from the coronavirus eagerly await boxes of masks, eyewear and gowns promised by the federal government. But all too often the packages deliver disappointment — if they arrive at all.

Some contain flimsy surgical masks or cloth face coverings that are explicitly not intended for medical use. Other are missing items or have far less than the full week’s worth of protective equipment the government promised to send. Instead of proper medical gowns, many packages hold large blue plastic ponchos.

“It’s like putting a trash bag on,” said Pamela Black, the administrator of Enterprise Estates Nursing Center in Enterprise, Kansas. “There’s no real place for your hands to come out.”

As nursing homes remain the pandemic’s epicenter, the federal government is failing to ensure they have all the personal protective equipment, or PPE, needed to prevent the spread of the

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Fighting COVID And Police Brutality, Medical Teams Take To Streets To Treat Protesters

DENVER — Amid clouds of choking tear gas, booming flash-bang grenades and other other “riot control agents,” volunteer medics plunged into street protests over the past weeks to help the injured — sometimes rushing to the front lines as soon as their hospital shifts ended.

Known as “street medics,” these unorthodox teams of nursing students, veterinarians, doctors, trauma surgeons, security guards, ski patrollers, nurses, wilderness EMTs and off-the-clock ambulance workers poured water — not milk — into the eyes of tear-gassed protesters. They stanched bleeding wounds and plucked disoriented teenagers from clouds of gas, entering dangerous corners where on-duty emergency health responders may fear to go.

Many are medical professionals who see parallels between the front lines of COVID-19, where they confront stark racial imbalances among those stricken by the coronavirus, and what they see as racialized police brutality.

So donning cloth masks to protect against the virus — plus

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Tips For Selecting And Wearing Shapewear

When you think of shape wear, you may conjure up images of laced corsets or punishing girdles, but today’s soft, comfortable, attractive shapewear is an entirely different proposition. In this article we discuss how to choose from popular shapewear brands, like Elle Courbee, and wear modern shapewear to present your most attractive self in casual wear, work clothes or formal wear. Read on to learn more.

Sophia Banks-Coloma is a celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles. She is all too familiar with the downsides of old fashioned shapewear. She recounts a time when she wore an unflattering shapewear garment to a social event and was so uncomfortable that she felt ill. She says that the feeling was so unpleasant that she had to excuse herself to the restroom to remove the garment.

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