Tips For Selecting And Wearing Shapewear

When you think of shape wear, you may conjure up images of laced corsets or punishing girdles, but today’s soft, comfortable, attractive shapewear is an entirely different proposition. In this article we discuss how to choose from popular shapewear brands, like Elle Courbee, and wear modern shapewear to present your most attractive self in casual wear, work clothes or formal wear. Read on to learn more.

Sophia Banks-Coloma is a celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles. She is all too familiar with the downsides of old fashioned shapewear. She recounts a time when she wore an unflattering shapewear garment to a social event and was so uncomfortable that she felt ill. She says that the feeling was so unpleasant that she had to excuse herself to the restroom to remove the garment.

Another image consultant, Milena Joy of Denver, says that this kind of scenario is entirely unnecessary. According to Ms. Joy, the key to getting the type of shaping and control you desire, along with complete comfort lies in choosing the correct level of control. She says that you can choose light slimming, ultra slimming and many levels in between. Alternately, you can select shapewear that targets problem areas, such as stomach, hips and/or thighs.

Examples of targeted shapewear include garments that smooth your silhouette while lifting and enhancing your bottom. Some shapewear garments slim bulges while padding areas that need a little boost. Still other garments have cut-out areas to frame your best features.

No matter what result you desire, your shapewear should fit comfortably and work effectively. When you identify your shaping goals and choose your shapewear accordingly, you will never experience discomfort that causes you to want to run off and strip down!

How Can You Get The Correct Fit In Shapewear?

Ms. Banks-Coloma says that the best way to get a good fit is to purchase your shapewear in person. It may be tempting to buy online, but if you do, you may end up spending a great deal of time sending garments back and forth before you get a good fit.

Instead of wasting time and money in this manner, take a trip to a good department store or specialized lingerie shop. Get yourself properly measured by a skilled clerk, and try on several different shapewear garments offered by a variety of manufacturers.

For the very best results, bring along the outfit you plan to wear with the shapewear. Be sure that outfit is the right size for you. Shapewear will not make you a smaller person. It will make you look better at your actual size.

Keep your expectations realistic. Well fitted, comfortable shapewear can give you a slimmer silhouette and smooth lumps. If you overdo and purchase shapewear that is actually too small for you, it will have the opposite effect. Poorly fitted, undersized shapewear will add lumps and bulges and make you look larger.

Badly Fitted Shapewear Can Hurt You

Naturally, shapewear that is too small for you will be uncomfortably tight, but that’s not the only problem with it. According to Orly Avitzure, MD who is a neurologist and medical consultant for Consumer Reports, excessively tight shapewear can negatively impact your health. Dr. Avitzur says that she has seen many patients suffering from numbness and tingling in the thighs and compression of nerves and organs caused by very tight shapewear and/or clothing.

Wear Properly Fitted Shapewear Every Day

Ms. Joy points out that well-fitted shapewear can help you feel more attractive and more confident in every situation. According to both Ms. Joy and Dr. Avitzur, it is alright to wear well-fitting shapewear with all of your outfits, every day if you wish. The key is in taking the time to set shapewear goals and purchase foundation garments that truly fit and flatter your figure.

Dr. Avitzur cautions that everyday shapewear must be comfortable and easy to pull up and down because you don’t want to avoid using the restroom because your shapewear is constrictive. This can cause urinary tract infections.

Collect Shapewear Garments to Build a Versatile Wardrobe

Ms. Joy says that you should think of your shapewear wardrobe just as you do your regular wardrobe. Different garments are right for different purposes and occasions.

For the greatest function and versatility, look for shapewear in a shade that resembles your own skin tone. Start out with simple shapewear garments, such as a slip dress and a mid-thigh shaper. Add other garments as needed to create a complete mix-and-match shapewear wardrobe.