5 Interesting ways to make your mother feel special this Mother’s Day

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A mother is the living impersonation of God. The unique bond between a mother and child is never-ending. Nothing can on this planet ever encompass the true and unconditional love of a mother. Mothers have accepted motherhood not just as their duty but a blessing, and they leave no stone unturned to truly dedicate their entire lives to their children. But how often do we make her feel special? Do you remember the last time you hugged your mother, said I love you to her or stated a heartfelt thanks to the endless sacrifices she has made for you? We, neither. We all are too engrossed in our lives that we barely find time to make our parents feel special. Now is the time! With Mother’s day around the corner, what else opportunity do you require to make it a day for her. Besides, spending time with your life’s angel, it’s equally important to make her feel special with those bits of effort and make her eyes gleam and touch her heart. No, you don’t require anything expensive or materialistic to wow your mother; a simple act of care and pure intentions will win her heart.

We have curated a list of five unique Mothers day gifts you can pick from to make it a day worth remembering for your life’s treasure:

  1. Gift her a fine piece of jewelry: Have you ever spotted your mother in a nice shopping mall picking a piece of jewelry and then keeping it down because of the price tag? Or her shopping cart filled with an excellent selection of jewelry she never bought because she thinks it’s a waste of money? Now is your time to be her knight in shining armor and gift her the jewelry piece she always wanted. You can put a customized handwritten letter, telling her it’s okay to prioritize yourself first and how much you love her and want to see her happy.

  2. Donate to the mothers in need: Nothing more gives a mother a  high heart than seeing her children teaching good morals and contributing to the social issues. This mother’s day, this best gift for her would be of you contributing a tiny amount of money ( as your pocket allows) or doing the bare minimum you could do to help the needy mothers. It could be donating food, shawls, or flowers to the underprivileged.

  3. A hand-drawn painting: Give your mother the treasure of a lifetime. She would appreciate something handmade. If you are good at painting, try making her sketch and framing it. But if you are not too good, you can always get it done outside.

  4. Take her to grandma‚Äôs home: You know what the best mother’s day gift is? Making the birth-giver spend time with her birth-giver. Afterall, she also wants to spend time with her mother and her grandmother. Surprise her by taking her to the granny’s home and make some special arrangements for both of them. That could be arranging a brunch, a small luncheon, or even taking them for a long drive.

  5. Cook and spend the entire day with her: Last but not least, give her a day off from all the duties and run errands for her and participate in significant chores like cooking, cleaning, and washing. Make sure she gets enough rest, and you spend quality time with her making her realize she matters.