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It is a really unhappy day for America. Roughly 30% of our place is portion of a quasi-spiritual cult. In general these persons reject science and the enlightenment. This week the Jan 6th committee has proven they are organized to use and assist any instruments or tactics–up to and together with the overthrow of the govt, in purchase to get what they want. 

The overturning of Roe vs Wade is the most noticeable artifact of a 40-yr marketing campaign. The marketing campaign was funded by business leaders like the Koch brothers who want to revoke all environmental, labor and rational limitations on their things to do. Utilizing dark revenue and the passion of religious zealots who want to handle women’s bodies and discriminate in opposition to any person who doesn’t think what they consider, they have turned this country back to the 18th century, using the Supreme Court docket as their motor vehicle.

The major of these dominos has now fallen and women’s right to manage their have bodies have been taken away in most states. We can suppose a nationwide ban (these kinds of as took place in Poland) will be coming listed here quickly, maybe as quickly as 2025 if the Republicans acquire the 2024 elections. And observe that the rolling coup explained by the witnesses at the Jan 6 hearings exhibit that the Republicans are now blatantly taking over the supposedly neutral election approach.

But the American wellness-treatment procedure is not innocent. Abortion and other reproductive health solutions are plainly component of wellness care. Yet uniquely in this region the provision of the products and services has not been from mainstream wellness care establishments. The leaders of our health care organizations, in individual our major hospital techniques, have entirely prevented providing these companies. They have been additional than pleased to allow Planned Parenthood and other expert companies to give reproductive treatment, and have just seemed the other way in the debate. 

Worse, many of our religiously affiliated establishments,  notably all those with a Catholic heritage which stand for an great quantity of hospitals in this state, have banned not only abortion but quite a few other types of reproductive health care this kind of as woman sterilization. The Hyde Amendment, ironically named after spiritual bigot who was an appalling adulterer and hypocrite to boot, bans Federal funding for abortions. That signifies that non-public Medicaid programs which now address most births in this place have hardly ever provided a total suite of reproductive wellbeing care.

Even in new weeks when the fate of Roe turned crystal clear I have read nothing at all from significant leaders of clinic programs or wellbeing options about this. Some of the newer provider businesses focusing on females, these kinds of as Maven and Tia, have been outspoken, as have quite a few non health care-related employers. But the common silence all important wellness care companies in The united states on this subject has been deafening.

Now there is loads of shame and blame to go all-around.


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