The Top 7 Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator of 2020

Adobe illustrator has been a boon to various professionals like the graphic designers, web designers and the visual artists who create drawings, illustrations and artwork across various platforms. Typically, adobe illustrator is used for its time saving feature and high quality of productivity. Although the Abode illustrator possesses some outstanding advantages and features, the fact that it amounts to almost a sum of 50,000 a year along with being extremely tedious to learn, makes the purchase debateable. This is what makes a lot of learners and professionals feel the need for a free alternative to adobe illustrator. 

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Over time there have been various software’s and applications that have served as a free alternative to adobe illustrator.


Inkscape comes to light as one of the best free alternatives to adobe illustrator. It is a free and open source of vector graphic designing that can be used on Windows, IOS as well as Linux/GNU. It performs almost all the functions of the abode illustrator at no cost.  


•    Presence of a spiral tool that enables creation of clone arrangements and templates. 

•    Options that help in manipulating objects. 

•    Includes a variety of filters ranging from skews to overlays. 


•    Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. 

•    Accurately processes high quality images. 

•    Node editing 

•    Supports the SVG format. 


•    Poor optimization of software.

•    Hard to cope with for beginners.

•    Unexpected crashes 

•    Failure to save as .jpeg



BoxySVG is graphic editor that serves as a free alternative to adobe illustrator. It is highly effective for creating and storing mockups, icons, banners, buttons and charts. It runs as an extension of google chrome. 


•    Available on Mac, Windows, Linux

•    Variety of basic tools like brushes, pens, layers, strokes and fill, add type and group, transform paths. 

•    Ability to transform objects and create gradients. 

•    Make any shape and reuse objects. 


•    Supports formats like SVG, JPEG, PNG. 

•    User friendly 

•    Excellent keyboard shortcuts and commands.



Vecteezy, developed by an American company, is a global provider of digital imaginary. It does the work of being a free alternative to abode illustrator. Vecteezy as a platform has huge customers like amazon, BBC, Mac donalds. 


•    Available on Mac, Windows, Linux

•    Can make design from the scratch 

•    Permits importing and editing files from SVG files. 

•    Availability of readymade clipart 

•    Wide range of text-based design 


•    Easy to use for beginners

•    Transparency 

•    Availability of various vector elements.  


•    Need to make an account to save work. 



Vectr is an easy to use free alternative to adobe illustrator. Being web based the access is pretty easy. It is the most go to software for beginners. There are inbuilt tutorials that make it easy to master the usage of the software. 


•    Available on Mac, Windows, Linux

•    Enables collaboration of a group of people to work on a design.

•    Editing tools like layers and texts, 


•    Easy to use and understand for beginners

•    Save files in multiple formats. 

•    Transfer and share files.

•    Use through Browser.


•    Absence of modern and latest features.


Gravit Designer 

Gravit allows the creation of illustrations and artworks using a range of tools made available. The software enables you to make freehand drawings, logos, print work etc. Gravit Designer allows you to do almost all those operations that adobe illustrator would allow you to making it an apt and free alternative to adobe illustrator. 


•    Available as a software as well as an app.

•    Available on Mac, Windows, Linux

•    Availability of blank templates for various social media handles like YouTube and Facebook.

•    Can be used through a browser. 

•    Enables team work. 


•    Beginner user friendly 

•    Easy to use 

•    Availability of various templates and icons. 

•    Multiple fonts to choose from.


•    Need a paid account for unlimited storage. 

•    Cannot work offline without a paid account. 

•    Contains only the basic tools required for editing. 


SVG Edit

SVG edit is a free browser which can be downloaded as an app too through a source code. SVG Edit facilitates artwork and graphics just like adobe illustrator. 


•    Available on Mac, Windows, Linux

•    Integration of various graphic problems. 

•    Can run on a local host

•    Creation of own designs without any templates. 


•    Enables the use of various formats like Jpeg. 

•    Can run on browser as well as application. 

•    Free images available to create designs. 


•    No template options 

•    Lesser symbol options to choose from. 

•    Not user friendly for beginners. 



GIMP is a free image manipulation programme. Through GIMP the images can be retouched, made and authorised. GIMP can be very useful for professionals who illustrate, create artwork and graphics. GIMP can be classified as an effective free alternative to adobe illustrator. 


•    Various painting tools like airbrush and clone. 

•    Availability of sub pixel sampling. 

•    Possibility to manipulate images through layers. 

•    Number of animation option 

•    Presence of transformation tools.


•    Consultation available 

•    High quality editing 

•    Possibility of customisation 

•    Presence of open layers.

•    Can be extended. 


•    Difficult to use and learn.

•    Does not allow adding effects to text

•    Without plugin cannot export images

•    Crashes at times.


These are some of the easy to use and free alternatives to adobe illustrator. These software’s and applications take away the difficulties and obstacles of the adobe illustrator. With the help of the above software’s professionals and beginners can carry out graphics and illustrations without using money. They help in cost cutting and ensure high productivity of work and output.