Health Insurance and Their Different Types

Health Insurance and Their Different Types

Health Insurance is the protection of a persons or a group against the financial loss due to the bad health or illness or injury. Well a big question rises here – How many people know about this and how many people have the health insurance?

Seriously like other type of insurances health insurance is also a general type of insurance which you don’t need until and unless you NEED it seriously. Health insurance does not help you until you get into the trap of the heavy medical bill. But if you think to be safe in the bad patch of your life then you should consider yourself as the suitable candidate for the health insurance.

There are different types of health insurance but mainly all the health insurance pays a fixed percentage of the expenses for the policy holders bill. Some of the basic types of health insurance are listed below:

The first one is Indemnity Plans. This plan allows the holder to get the assistance whenever and wherever he/she need it. There are no restrictions when it comes to seeking medical help and there is no restriction on the doctor also. You can simply choose your own doctor. But this plan is some what expansive than the others.

Next one is Self-insured/Uninsured. People with no insurance, and people who have health insurance but are responsible for paying 100% of the insurance premium.

Along with these two types of insurance there is one more type of health insurance and that is Managed Care Plans. They are again of some different types. In one type policy holder pay a fixed monthly fee, regardless of how much medical care he/she need in a given month. There is one more type in which a group of doctors and hospitals is created which provides medical services to the policy holder only.

So from all the above you can choose which one is best for you and your pocket. It’s in fact a time consuming job to choose which one is better for you. But it is the need of your life so we should not ignore this.

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