How to choose the right braces? Clear aligners and fixed braces which are the best?

Compare Removable Braces with Fixed Braces - Pros and Cons

Are you confused with your look? Are you looking for a dental makeover? Worry less and look back and rethink when you were in your teens. How many of your friends had braces? Maybe you too had. Many adults may not have used support in their teens may opt for braces later in their life. But what if you need to opt for brackets in your mouth? How would you choose which type of braces you should use to turn your crooked smile straight?

There are various types and options available in the market. Check with your doctor and understand about your teeth. To fix your teeth, but which one suits you is most important. Orthodontics aims to correct your poorly placed teeth and enhance their function and its features. Orthodontics is generally associated with children, but most adults also undergo orthodontic treatment to fix teeth permanently. While teeth straightening treatment, one common question that arises in every patient’s mind is about the duration of the treatment. The teeth straightening time scale is around 12 months to 24 months. Check with your doctor and understand the best method for your condition.

Reasons why you can undergo orthodontic treatment:

  • You can correct the overbite
  • It helps to prevent mature erosion
  • To adjust the spaces between the teeth

Thus, get your teeth straightening done to improve your smile. It helps to improve the function of your teeth, jaw muscles, etc.

Orthodontic treatments: Fixed braces and clear aligners

It is obvious to have questions related to which are the best braces to use. There are two types of braces:

1) Fixed braces

2) Clear aligners

Fixed Braces:

Fixed braces are one of the oldest methods to straighten your teeth in many decades. Fixed braces you can’t move as the brackets are glued and linked with wires.

Fixed braces offer treatment for:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Jaw misalignment problems
  • Overbite problem

Pros and cons of fixed braces

Pros of fixed braces:

  • It is proven its effectiveness for years.
  • Fixed braces can treat vital orthodontic conditions.
  • A local orthodontist can also provide emergency treatment if required.
  • As you can’t take them off, so no chances to lose them.
  • Fixed braces are composed of including stainless steel, gold, etc.

Cons of fixed braces:

  • It is more costly than detachable braces.
  • The braces are visible.
  • You have to see a doctor for adjustments to your fixed braces.
  • Slight discomfort you may feel when braces get tightened.
  • You should clean your braces to avoid food stuck in them.
  • Avoid eating chewy, sticky, and crunchy foods.

Clear aligners:

Clear aligners are for those patients who are seeking a more strategic orthodontic treatment than traditional braces. They are new in the market. They are invisible braces that help for correcting mild to moderate orthodontic problems. They straighten teeth just as braces do. They are transparent and removable aligners.

Remember, clear aligners are replaced every two weeks based on your condition, and your doctor will instruct you in advance. The treatment result is faster using clear aligners than traditional braces.

Clear aligners offer treatment for:

  • To straighten your teeth
  • Mild to moderate crowding
  • Intrusion of teeth   
  • Open bites
  • Teeth gapes

Finally, here oral health care is easy since you can remove the aligner to brush your teeth.

Invisalign Pros:

  • Clear Aligners are invisible.
  • Invisalign is an excellent treatment choice for clients for teeth straightening.
  • Treatment is easy as no wires and brackets are applied.
  • You can effortlessly maintain your oral hygiene. It is easy to brush your teeth as it is easily removable. 
  • You can anticipate results before you start therapy.
  • It is a low-maintenance treatment.
  • The cost is similar to fixed braces.
  • The absence of brackets and wires makes these great braces to use.

Invisalign Cons:

Clear Aligners you should wear a minimum of 22 hours a day.

As it is removable from your teeth, it can get lost or broken.

Invisalign is not advised, for those who have certain critical cases.

You may experience some discomfort when each aligner is changed.

Selecting the right braces is your personal choice. You may know that every treatment has its pros and cons. For disciplined patients, clear aligners are the ideal choice. Perhaps for those who are forgetful and have more complex cases them fixed braces are preferable. Get your consultation done with your nearby dentist, and he can suggest you the best option. Discuss with your dentist your main concerns. Your doctor will understand your needs, and professionally, he will guide you to choose the best treatment. However, you can also seek our help. We provide fixed braces and treatment for clear braces. Our team of experts can help you get all your questions answered. Take our guidance to find out the perfect treatment option for you. Our presence will always help you to choose the best. Do click our book an appointment section and start getting our consultation.

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