How to improve immunity? Health Guide

Can You Really Boost Your Immune System? | Cedars-Sinai

Building natural immunity is a long process that is influenced by many different factors. You can take care of your own immunity naturally by focusing on your lifestyle and by adopting good habits. How to improve the body’s immunity without reaching for drugs from the pharmacy?

Building immunity from the inside, i.e. a healthy diet

What we eat affects not only the appearance of our figure but also our health. For the immune system, it is important to supply cells with such substances as, among others, unsaturated fatty acids, zinc, vitamin D or vitamin C. We can find them all in food products. These will be vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and grains, as well as vegetables and fruits. These ingredients cannot be missing from our diet. Besides, immunity is said to come from the bowels as well – a lot of microbes are neutralised by the so-called good bacteria. So let’s provide your intestinal flora with yoghourts or silage. It is worth introducing dietary supplements to the menu that will support the process of building immunity.

How to improve the body’s immunity – physical activity

Movement is recommended for everyone, especially those who want to improve their immunity. Regular physical activity strengthens the entire body, and while doing it outdoors, the air perfectly oxygenates the body. However, we do not have to decide on the difficult and exhausting strength training. Daily walks will be enough, thanks to which we will remain in motion.

Building immunity by hardening the body

Many people weaken their immunity by being too warm all the time inside the rooms. So it is worth remembering that it is most advantageous to keep the temperature between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius inside. It is essential to air the apartment and avoid overheating, which is why it is always better to wear layers of clothing. Building resistance by hardening the body is also avoiding reaching for the pharmacological agents whenever we feel a bit worse. The fever that accompanies infections is a natural defence mechanism and it is the evidence that your immune system works and produces antibodies which can protect you before developing another similar infection.

You should think about how to improve immunity long before the disease season because strengthening the body is a long-term process. Both diet and exercise in fresh air can help you support the natural defences of the immune system but the effects of such efforts will take a while.