Selling handcrafted has never been easier, and the eCommerce industry provides a variety of options for selling artisan products online. The initial choice of ‘new sellers’ is usually to sell on marketplaces. The problem is deciding which platform to use to launch your online business. Amazon Handcrafted and Etsy are the most popular sites for selling handmade things, but there are some key differences between the two. It is important to know about selling on amazon vs etsy and its benefits. 

Before you start selling handmade things on marketplaces, you should evaluate Amazon handmade vs Etsy, as one of them will most likely not suit your needs. Both platforms are beneficial to artisans because they attract a large number of visitors and are popular among those interested in handcrafted goods. Sellers want to compare this and other platforms because it’s difficult to spend hours uploading products, advertising them, and struggling to understand the dashboard. As a result, selecting the appropriate platform to begin selling is critical. Be wise enough while choosing between amazon handmade and etsy. 

Know about each Marketplace’s Foreword

Etsy has been around since 2005. Etsy’s basic concept was to offer handmade and antique goods, giving creators and artisans the opportunity to promote and sell their work. Etsy is now the most popular marketplace for selling handcrafted things, and it has a monopoly on the market. Etsy describes itself as a platform for promoting arts, artisan, and craft products while also assisting in the discovery of their creators. Etsy has about 2 million active users and 35 million active buyers at the moment.

Amazon has its own tale to tell. This is the world’s largest marketplace, where you can buy practically anything from anywhere in the world. In 2015, Amazon chose to enter the handmade industry with the launch of Amazon Handmade. This is a sibling website that helps handmade artisans connect with their customers. Amazon is known for its large consumer base (about 300 million) and active vendor community. However, Amazon is still more of a marketplace where you can acquire anything you want, rather than a site where producers want to sell their handmade things. Sellers should exercise caution while selling handcrafted items on Amazon, as this site does not accept things that infringe on copyright or intellectual property.

Final thoughts

Both Amazon Handmade and Etsy are built to be simple and user-friendly for both shoppers and sellers. Both systems make it simple to set up an online store without any prior experience of web development, allowing you to build a storefront page (your “store”) as well as include your product listings in their search results. Both offer a seller dashboard that keeps track of orders and sales, as well as a mobile app for vendors. Sellers on Amazon Handmade and Etsy might pay more in exchange for a better listing placement. The seller dashboard on Etsy contains information about how many people visited your shop and how they got there, whereas the seller dashboard on Amazon does not.