JCI Approved Hospitals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


You are on assignment in the Middle East and you find yourself in need of medical treatment beyond the application of stitches to close a simple wound, where do you start your query?

You may be considering leaving the US to obtain medical treatment for the cost savings, how do you evaluate those hospitals and clinics?

A good starting point is to verify if the institution in question is JCI approved. One of the most respected institutions for providing evaluations of hospitals and clinics is the Joint Commission International. All physicians and hospitals as you will quickly discover are not created equally and most patients are oblivious to the differences.

Commission accreditation is segmented into five basic categories as follows:

A. Clinical Labs and Testing: Medical testing / labs B. Hospitals: Facilities and institutions that provide acute care, lab testing, psychiatric and medical care C. Ambulatory Care: Surgical-Centers, clinical diagnosis facility, dental care, dialysis centers D. Continuum Care: Long term care, home care, psychiatric care, hospice, assisted living E. Medical Transportation, ambulance / and or air for emergency care and non-acute transportation

Joint Commission International (JCI) approved facilities in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) are as follows in alphabetical order:

1. Al Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi

2. Al Noor, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

3. Al Noor, Khalifa, Abu Dhabi

4. Al Rahbba, Abu Dhabi

5. Al Wasi Maternity and Pediatric, Dubai

6. American Hospital, Dubai

7. Biosystech, (Lab),Dubai

8. Dubai Hospital,Dubai

9. International Modern Hospital,Dubai

10. Lifeline Hospital,Dubai

11. Medicare Hospital,Dubai

12. Medinova Diagnostic Centre,Dubai

13. Oasis Hospital, Al Ain, UAE

14. RAK Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

15. Rashid Hospital, Dubai

16. Sheikh Kalifa Medical City, Abu Dabi

17. Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, UAE

18. Thalassemia Center, Dubai, UAE

19. Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, UAE

20. Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah, UAE

The process of Accreditation is a ongoing process with new institutions applying and existing approved institutions making efforts to improve their standings. This list is merely a starting point of researching appropriate institutions that possess a modicum of standards of care and protocols that hold up to scrutiny on a international level. It is always a good idea to research further with someone who can facilitate further investigations.

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