3 Ways Everyone Can Benefit from Seeing a Therapist - The Collegian

Due to the pressure from the world today, everyone needs something to tell them everything is going to be okay, right? People encounter problems and challenges almost everyday to say the least. And the thing is, all of this is unavoidable despite what our current status is.

To some people, problems create conflicts which can result in stress and can make their mood unstable. And for that reason, some people are open to seeking help from professionals who can aid them in stabilizing their emotions. NYC psychologists are always available to assist you with your needs. 

Finding the Best Therapy in New York

Looking for a psychologist is not as easy as looking for a specialist for your health. Sometimes, people are hesitant to ask someone about this matter.  But with all the struggles we are facing right now, people are now open minded in dealing with this matter. Try asking your doctors if they know a psychologist they can recommend for you. You can also ask for some recommendations from your family and close friends. Referrals are often far better especially if they have tried the services of a therapist. 

Online search can also be done. With online access you can find a therapist near you. Group practitioners are recommended since they are the ones who are usually screened and endorsed by colleagues.

When choosing a therapist be sure you are comfortable with them. Therapist and patient should have a chemistry, with this kind of relationship it will be easier for the patient to consult his concerns. 

Making an Appointment

Once you find the perfect therapist for you, the first appointment will mostly be evaluation, since you will have to narrate your concerns to your psychologist. By doing so, the therapist can weigh what procedure he can prepare for you. During the initial meeting be sensitive enough to know If the psychologist fits you right.

It will be helpful also to discuss what you want to do during the therapy and what you want to improve and achieve. If you match, then it will be good to continue. But if just in case you feel you are not sure if it will work, let them know about it. Be honest enough to let them know how you feel. 

Things to Do After Finding a Psychologist

  1. Paper works may consume a lot of time. If there is a way such as filing out information online or sending it through email, it will be better. By doing so you can save time, and also, your therapist already has a background about you before even meeting you personally. 
  1. Check with your insurance company if such consultations and treatments are covered. So you will know how to prepare for the budget or prepare the papers needed to get a claim or reimbursement. This should be considered as NYC psychologists may charge $200 and up per 45 minutes session. It’s really costly so better be prepared. 

Things to Expect During the Therapy Sessions 

  1. Dedication with your time and effort is needed both from you and your therapist. You should set your schedule to be able to attend every session. Consistency can help you achieve the improvement you need. 
  1. Adjustment is hard in the beginning of the session. You have to let your inner emotions and concerns out to your therapist. So during your first visit it might be stressful for you. Negative emotions will also rise up as you try to express your worries and anxieties to your therapist. Therefore,It is good to be emotionally ready. Be open to your therapist on how you feel so they can give the proper advice.  
  1. Progress depends on each person. Don’t expect that you will be “healed” in a short time. The recommended time will be at least 12 sessions to be able to see an improvement. It will also depend on your availability time. So be sure to set a time for your sessions, If you are really willing to see changes. 

Remember that therapists are there to assist but you alone can tell If you are willing to be guided. Be strong and know yourself better.  Start reaching out to NYC Psychologists like Dr Tory Tomassetti cognitive behavioral therapy specialist and get ready to unleash the emotion in you.