Tips for Buying Your Face Masks & PPE Online


It is essential to understand that the Covid19 pandemic is still underway, which created a significant need for masks. 

At the same time, states started enforcing mandates that everyone should wear them both outside and in convenience stores and other places with large traffic density.

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Today, everyone should wear them and implement social distancing, especially when it comes to exercising outdoors. In some states, such as Florida, people have to wear masks only in particular areas.

According to the CDC, it is a must to cover your face in public, and even though some states resisted the requirements, the pandemic is getting worse, which is why you should think about protecting yourself and your loved ones.

At the same time, stores such as Kroger, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart are not letting people inside without the proper face coverage, and that is a policy that runs nationwide. 

As a result of mandatory mask-wearing, numerous brands and clothing retailers started selling and creating their public options. Today, you can find them almost everywhere, but the question is whether they are effective in protecting you.

Should You Wear a Mask?


As mentioned above that the CDC has issued a statement and advised people to cover their faces in public areas such as pharmacies and convenience stores. At the same time, social distancing is essential as well.

Apart from legal requirements that force people to wear them, we can differentiate other reasons to use them.

Of course, social distancing and washing hands are still the most important considerations when it comes to protection, but cloth masks can help you prevent the spread of droplets you emit while talking and breathing.

It means that you should still follow other recommendations when you use the facemask, including social distancing. In case you have an infection, or if you are sick and do not know it, a mask will prevent spreading the disease to people around you.

The N95 masks are most effective, and they will provide you the greatest protection compared with other types. However, healthcare workers mostly use them, which is why it is challenging to find them.

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Face Mask Buying Guide

If you wish to purchase a cloth face covering or face mask, make sure to consider these factors:

  • They have to feature at least two layers of fabric
  • You have to secure them with ear loops or ties
  • They have to be both comfortable while fitting against your face.
  • You must be able to breathe without any additional problem while wearing them
  • Finally, you should be able to wash them without affecting their consistency, efficiency, and shape.

Of course, the type of cloth is one thing that matters the most and will make a significant difference. According to numerous studies and reports, you should pay attention to the fabric while shopping for it. 

A single study has found that filtration effectiveness ranges depending on the fabrics. It has shown that dual-layer ones with a combination of heavyweight cotton and silk layers are the best and most effective option you can find.

On the other hand, single and double layer masks with low-thread and lightweight cotton are not sufficient. 

Another important consideration is that the edges of the mask can make a difference, therefore you should find the one that fits properly to increase its efficiency.

The worst thing that you can do is to think about the design, artistic or decorative aspects. The main goal of them is to provide you the proper filtration to prevent spreading and getting the disease from others.

Remember that some of them can provide you a false sense of security, which is why you should always distance yourself from others and try to follow the regulations as much as possible.

Some of them feature the ability to implement an additional filtration, including HEPA. Generally, these filters are the most effective and will clear 99% of contaminants around you.

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Of course, you should also consider comfort as an essential factor while choosing. In case you have problems with breathing in them, you should choose another instead. The comfort will give you a chance to wear them all day long without any additional problem.