Lauren Rossong, Registered Dietitian – A Little Nutrition


Laurens philosophy: 

Lauren is a high energy + passionate dietitian who takes a look at the big picture when it comes to her clients. This means that she not only looks at a client’s physical health, but also the emotional well-being of everyone she works with.

She identifies herself as a non-diet dietitian, and practices her nutrition coaching with the Health At Every Size principles

She doesn’t promote intentional weight loss strategies, restrictive behaviour or diet plans. However, she does help clients normalize their eating patterns, learn how to know how much the body needs to be full and be energized, and eat in a way that promotes optimal health, all while still enjoying all the pleasures and satisfaction food has to offer. [aka not giving up favourite foods or feel like you are missing out while working on improving health]

Her top priority when working with you is to provide you sound nutrition advice that will help you implement life-long health and nutrition habits, and won’t be offering quick fixes or short-term solutions.

Lauren’s approach with clients is a holistic approach. She will help implement positive health behaviour changes around eating and activity patterns by learning to listen to our body’s internal cues that tell us what it needs, while at the same time letting go of what happens with the scale.

She uses non-scale health indicators to track your nutrition and health improvements (ex. Labs, blood work, feeling better, more energy, improved moods.)

Outside of A Little Nutrition: Lauren works within the regional health authority in diabetes nutrition care.

She enjoys cycling, reading and being an awesome aunt to her niece and nephew.

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Initial appointments are 80-90 minutes in length and cost $185
Follow-up appointments are 50-60 minutes in length and cost $130


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