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Periods Getting Late Even When You’re Not Pregnant? Here’s Why!

Contributed by: Anjali Sharma



Anxious about delayed intervals, especially when you are not expecting?

There are quite a few explanations at the rear of late or skipped durations other than being pregnant. It could be a hormonal imbalance or several healthcare explanations for skipped durations. 

A lot of women of all ages get stressed out when they knowledge problems like delayed periods. But pregnancy is not the only reason for which a girl faces this circumstance. As time passes by, your body also transforms and with these transformations, the period of time cycle can come to be irregular. 

Females who may not have attained menopause normally have a 28-day cycle which is a balanced menstrual cycle. On the other hand, it may last wherever from 21 to 40 days in some instances.

If your period of time does not fall involving these parameters, then it is a issue of worry.

In this article are some typical explanations powering your late or missed intervals other than pregnancy: 



Strain can simply dominate your period cycle. Scientists have determined that as the amount of tension increases the body provides a hormone termed cortisol which induces anxiety hormones.

In reaction to anxiety, menstruation or interval cycle gets affected and often it will get missed.

If you’re below prolonged tension and skipped additional than a person period of time, you must get that indicator seriously and approach to check out the health care provider quickly.


Weight obtain or reduction

Becoming underweight, obese, or experiencing sudden fat instabilities have an impact on your menstrual cycle.

Hormone levels in the human body get influenced by the immediate weight adjustments and this qualified prospects to missed durations or skipped intervals.

In the situation of obesity or fat gain, the period cycle is disturbed or gets significant.

Gals who practical experience sudden pounds loss or are underweight can working experience late or no periods. This frequently takes place in competitive athletes and girls with severe eating conditions.



Right after being pregnant, females go through breastfeeding and it is also a reason for no period of time at all or infrequent durations.

According to doctors, right after pregnancy for some time it is normal to encounter period of time cycle fluctuations or no period of time at all.

A lot of gals misunderstand this condition as a healthcare challenge but it is thoroughly usual.


Common rigorous exercise session

Regime exercise is a fantastic everyday living pattern that allows in maintaining the overall body and the program active.

Nevertheless, at times excessive and extreme regular exercise session lowers the estrogen degree, which is a hormone that regulates the female reproductive system.

Lots of feminine athletes endure secondary amenorrhea, indicating they really don’t get a time period for at minimum 6 months or even more time, thanks to arduous education and function.



If you have begun using new drugs, then there are odds that you might experience facet consequences of it.

Irregular intervals are just one of the facet consequences that are knowledgeable when you start out getting some new medicines.

Some birth handle procedures, this sort of as an IUD, implant or shot, may possibly stop your periods when you are them.



Pre-menopause is the initial phase of menopause. Women who are about to enter the menopause section, experience rare or late intervals. This is because of to the lower in the amount of estrogen hormone.

Even though getting into this phase, you may well have lighter, heavier, additional regular, or significantly less regular periods.



Thyroid disorder affects many women of all ages, and there are two types: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, each of which can disrupt your menstrual cycle.

For the reason that the thyroid controls your body’s fat burning capacity, hormone amounts might be impacted.

Thyroid challenges are normally managed with drugs. Your menstruation will most likely revert to its usual cycle soon after remedy.


Final ideas

If you’ve discovered that your menstrual cycle has been irregular just lately, or if you’ve missed a interval but are not expecting, you should really seek advice from your health practitioner straight away.

The sooner they can figure out a prognosis, the sooner you can get started doing the job on regaining control of your cycle. 

Girls get disturbed when they expertise unexpected missed, delayed or no periods at all.

The above-outlined motives will give clarity on what can be the causes powering your disturbed cycle.

After recognizing the explanations you can consider more methods to get rid of this problem or take a look at a doctor. 

Also, ayurvedic medications and herbs are a good choice which can significantly minimize the difficulty of missed and delayed intervals.


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